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The mansion was a two-storied one, framed in heavy beams of wood, the interstices filled with rude blocks of stone. An outside staircase led up to several sleeping-rooms above. Below there were only two apartments, the smaller of which was the bower of the aged Lady Ermyntrude.

Her face was deeply flushed and her manner unusually agitated. "Why, what's the matter?" asked Dorothy. "Has he assailed thee, too?" "He is telling the baron such a tale," replied the maid. "He says thou lovest him, and he is asking Sir George and my lady for thy hand. "I know it, Lettice." "They are in the little bower, and I could hear everything," pursued the maid.

They returned by a different route, entering the house by a side-door, and the visitors were surprised to see the display of flowers that bloomed in the outer porch, making it, indeed, a bower of beauty. "Why! you have made quite an addition to the house since I was here last," said Gertrude, as she stood to admire the blossoms. "No, not an addition, only a little alteration," said Maggie.

Taking two of his men with him he rode up by the edge of 'the Waste' towards Coplestone Fell, with intent to capture Si, or, should he evade capture, to leave a citation at 'the Bower' for his appearance at the next meeting of the Lord Wardens on account of notorious breakage of the Border law.

A younger bird is in his nest, And sings sweet songs from Dark-Days once fair bower, And I am lov'd no more. He will be no more to me as the sun, Which gives the young trees life in gentle spring. Nor as the tree which props the tender vine. He loves another better than Dark-Day He cares not for her, Nor for his children: No, he cares not for them.

There was a knock at the street-door; a very decided application of the queer, twisted knocker. Leslie roused herself: not a beggar's tap that; none of the janitors; and this was not Dr. Murdoch's or Dr. Ware's hour: the girl was accurate in taps and footsteps. Some one was shown in; a man's voice was heard greeting "Dr. Bower," before the study door was closed.

No, I don't think it is Fanny," murmured Ralph, with a thoughtful expression; "I think I'm safe there. A dangerous rival!" And Ralph smiled at his own thoughts. "What did you say, sir?" asked Jinks, frowning in the direction of the Bower of Nature. "Nothing, my boy; but I say, Jinks, what makes you look so fierce? You resemble an ogre you're not going to eat Mr. Verty?"

Many such there were, all that pleasant month of September, and he was with her all the time, watching her wants and doing her bidding, reading over and over with a softened modulation her favorite hymns and chapters, arranging her flowers, and bringing her home wild bouquets from all her favorite wood-haunts, which made her sick-room seem like some sylvan bower.

A terrace planted with limetrees extended on one side of the garden. It was at this spot that Madame de Tecle was seated under a group of lime-trees, forming a rustic bower. She was fond of this place, because it recalled to her that evening when her unexpected apparition had suddenly inspired with a celestial joy the pale, disfigured face of her betrothed.

The inmates expected him and understood the scheme; presently he went out by the door into the village street, still munching at his round of bread. To such lads and lassies as hailed him in the waning light he replied gruffly, explaining that he had 'a sair hoast, that is, a bad cough, from which he had observed that young Bower was suffering.