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Some useful dyes are also obtained from it. It is obtained in quantities from coal-tar, that portion of the distillate known as the light oils being its immediate source. The tar oil is mixed with a solution of caustic soda, and the mixture is violently agitated.

The coming in of a strange new spiritual life was something so inexplicable to her that it agitated and distressed her; and sometimes, when she appeared more petulant and fretful than usual, it was only the stir and vibration on her weak nerves of new feelings, which she wanted the power to express. These emotions at first were painful to her. She felt weak, miserable, and good for nothing.

And now she's ill, and God knows what! It's hard, Count, hard to manage daughters in their mother's absence...." Pierre saw that the count was much upset and tried to change the subject, but the count returned to his troubles. Sonya entered the room with an agitated face. "Natasha is not quite well; she's in her room and would like to see you.

Godefroid sat down as if to put his ideas in order, for he had gone through more emotion during this one morning than he had often done in the agitated months of his life; but above all, his curiosity was keenly excited.

"You're so remarkable that, more than ever, I must paint you," Nick returned, "though I'm so agitated by your prophetic words that my hand trembles and I shall doubtless scarcely be able to hold my brush. Look how I rattle my easel trying to put it into position. I see it all there just as you show it.

"A visitor?" inquired Valentine, much agitated; "who is it?" "Some grand personage a prince I believe they said the Count of Monte Cristo." "I will come directly," cried Valentine aloud. The name of Monte Cristo sent an electric shock through the young man on the other side of the iron gate, to whom Valentine's "I am coming" was the customary signal of farewell.

He said that the question had been agitated in the General Assembly, and Sir Walter Scott was applied to, to furnish an improved versification, but he answered, stating that it would be a more difficult matter to get the people to adopt them, than to furnish the same.

It was the best thing they could do. Caesar accepted her solution, and, as a matter of fact, they went to Madrid and from there to Italy. The Workmen's Club telegraphed to Caesar when the time for the trial came, and Amparito answered the telegram from Florence, saying that her husband was ill. Never had Caesar felt so agitated as then.

Just about this time the village was agitated for a day or two, by the passing through of several caravans, containing wild beasts, and other spectacles for a great fair annually held at a neighboring town. I had never seen a fair of any consequence, and my curiosity was Powerfully awakened by this bustle of preparation.

At last it appeared to me that the horror was not so strong, not quite so strong, upon me. Was it possible that it was relaxing its grasp, releasing its prey? Oh what a mercy! but it could not be; and yet I looked up to heaven, and clasped my hands, and said, 'Our Father. I said no more I was too agitated; and now I was almost sure that the horror had done its worst.