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Just as she was executing a long cadenza with her eyes turned up to the skies, while the gentleman beside her held his baton suspended in the air waiting the moment when she would fall into the beat again, the garden gate was flung open, and a girl looking very much heated, and a young man with a pale, delicate face, entered, quarreling violently.

Carrington, however, seemed to take no interest either in him or anybody else till the young man was actually passing him, and then he suddenly stepped out of the shadows, touched him on the shoulder and said in a much deeper and graver voice than usual: "Sir Malcolm Cromarty, I believe!" The young man started violently and turned a pale face. "Ye es, I am," he stammered.

He began to tremble violently and his breath became audible. Esteban was compelled to hold him down by main force. "Jesus Cristo! It's old Don Esteban, your father. They say he walks at midnight, carrying his head in his two hands." Young Varona managed to whisper, with some show of courage: "Hush! Wait! I don't believe in ghosts."

A board had shot out and closed off the passageway. So sudden was the stop that the Scarecrow was tossed violently upward. While he endeavored to regain his balance, the two Middlings eyed him curiously. "So this is the kind of thing they grow on top," said one, holding a lantern close to the Scarecrow's head. "Toll, Toll!" droned the other, holding out a horribly twisted hand.

As she was soon violently seiz'd with the Approaches of Death, it was believed by the Generality, who had no Notion of foul Play, that Lenertoula had been overcome by an Excess of Joy, which is always more forcible than that of Grief, especially in Women. Upon this Notion, a Kofiran Wit made four Verses, which may be thus rendered in English.

"Come now, William John, don't be so cross. I thought you'd rather have me home, but I'll go, if you want me to." "Honest, now?" "Yes, honest. I'll go anywhere to please you. I must be off to the store now. Goodbye." Thus committed, Bertie took his courage in both hands and went. The next evening at dusk found him standing at Doctor Forbes's door with a very violently beating heart.

She turned her eyes, red with weeping, and was fascinated by Paul's concentrated gaze. "Do you ever dream of your husband?" he asked. "Oh! you'll drive me mad!" she whispered, trembling violently. "For the first six months after ... I was afraid to close my eyes. I am frightened. I am frightened." "You are frightened because he is here, Kitty; but he is here to guard you and not to harm you.

Bigots insisted on their rising at unearthly hours and running violently around fields for no object. Many men ruined their health in these dens of superstition, many died there. All this is perfectly true and irrefutable. Athleticism in England is an asceticism, as much as the monastic rules. Men have over-strained themselves and killed themselves through English athleticism.

So far he had never looked sex in the face.... He sat up and sneezed violently. It would be ridiculous to start out seeking the clue to one's life and be driven home by rheumatic fever. One should not therefore incur the risk of rheumatic fever. Something squealed in the bushes. It was impossible to collect one's thoughts in this place. He stood up.

Large violet patches had already begun to spread over the face; the embalmers' work had not been finished too soon. Don Juan, strong as he was in his scepticism, felt a tremor as he opened the magic crystal flask. When he stood over that face, he was trembling so violently, that he was actually obliged to wait for a moment.