The news that she had arrived in New York, and was coming home on account of her father's illness, had, of course, been reproduced in all the local papers, with the result that the worthy major had been deluged with telegrams and letters concerning his health. Notwithstanding, he had insisted upon coming to the train to meet his daughter.

Such was that good parish priest who asked, when an old woman of his flock insisted that she had been in his house with the company of 'the Good Lady', and had seen him naked and covered him up, 'How, then, did you get in when all the doors were locked? 'We can get in, she said, 'even if the doors are locked. Then the priest took her into the chancel of the church, locked the door, and gave her a sound thrashing with the pastoral staff, calling out 'Out with you, lady witch. But as she could not, he sent her home, saying 'See now how foolish you are to believe in such empty dreams'.

Looking beyond the pale of his bare facts, as genius sometimes will, he had insisted that these progressive populations had developed one from another, under influence of changed surroundings, in unbroken series.

Well, I guess he's about right." "But you don't really?" "Don't what? 'Boss the show'? Well, I boss my own show, at any rate. Don't you?" "Don't I what, exactly? Boss the show? Well, I don't think we have any 'show, and I don't believe we have any 'boss. Dad and I just talk things over, you see." "But," she insisted, "some one in the last analysis must decide.

The audience greeted her kindly, as before, and not only insisted on joining in the chorus, but demanded more than she had intended to give. They were evidently determined to get the full value of their money, and, suspecting that she would appear no more that evening, dictated to her such songs as they wanted to hear.

Like the actors in our own great national drama, these Netherland patriots were struggling to sustain, not to overthrow; unlike them, they claimed no theoretical freedom for humanity promulgated no doctrine of popular sovereignty: they insisted merely on the fulfilment of actual contracts, signed sealed, and sworn to by many successive sovereigns.

Made it sound as though there was some scandal; insisted that a reporter come to Dunnan House for a face-to-face interview. They sent a man, and that was the last they saw him alive; our people found his body at Dunnan House when we were searching the place afterward.

This, however, did not satisfy the Republican or States-rights party; a large majority of whom always insisted upon its unconstitutionality.

No reason was apparent, but he preferred a special place in the room, a certain end of a particular shelf; and no matter what cage was there, he insisted on taking possession. The day he determined on this removal, he went in while the resident the thrush was out, and, having eaten, proceeded to the upper perches, and began jumping back and forth on them, as if at home.

And Billy had liked her better than Lily Sanderson. Twice Saxon tried to tell Billy the details of her acquaintance with Long, but each time was put off. "I don't care a rap about it," Billy said the second time. "You're here, ain't you?" But she insisted, and when, worked up and angry by the recital, she had finished, he patted her hand soothingly. "It's all right, Saxon," he said.