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Why the girls all like a man like you Herman, if you didn't always run away when you saw them. It do you good really Herman to get married, and then you got somebody you can boss around when you want to. It do you good Herman to get married, you see if you don't like it, when you really done it. You go along home now with papa, Herman and get married to that Lena.

"You'll feel better when the Boss begins to give you some responsibility. Were you ever up in the Makon country, Manning?" "No," said Jim. "Don't strain yourself talking," commented Tuck, sarcastically. "You are rather given to blathering, I see. Well, the Makon country wants a dam. It wants it bad but the Service doesn't see how to get in there.

People were so absorbed in the game that they did not at first notice a cloud of smoke from "Puffing Billy," and when they did understand what the Kaffir warning "Boss up" meant, there was only time for the spectators to scatter hurriedly among tents before a shell fell plump between the goals and burst there, the spectators flying in all directions, but fortunately without harm to anybody.

"But you're the boss. What you say goes." "But don't you think I'm right?" "Yes," hesitatingly, "or, anyway, it's worth takin' a chance on. Bells used to say the mines around here all had to get depth, and that most of the ledges came in stronger as they went down. The Cross ain't shown it so far, but eight hundred feet ought to show whether that's the right line of work."

The superintendent folded up the paper, and, handing it back to the men, turned and walked into the office without a word. "Here, boss!" cried O'Donnell, "yez didn't plant yer name on the paper! Ain't yez goin' to give the hands their dues?"

Grayson having arranged for these felt that he had done all that might be expected of a host, especially when the uninvited guest was so obviously a hobo and doubtless a horse thief as well, for who ever knew a hobo to own a horse? Bridge continued to sit where he had reined in his pony. He was looking at Grayson with what the discerning boss judged to be politely concealed enjoyment.

Simultaneously we burst into a cheer, and then one said to the other, 'Thank God, the Boss is safe. For I think that his safety was of more concern to us than was our own.

He figured on when she would cross the path of the clearing, pass the deep pool where his "find-out" frog lived, cross Sleepy Snake Creek, and reach the carriage. He wondered what she would say to the Bird Woman, and how long it would take them to pack and start. He knew now that they would understand, and the Angel would try to get the Boss there in time to save his wager.

His ardor had been wet down; it took a back seat. His natural good judgment was again boss of the situation. "I had something on my mind but it can wait till you're in less of a hurry, Vona. Never neglect a mother. That's my attitude toward women. I'm always considerate where they're concerned. It's my nature. I hope you'll hold that in mind." "Yes, Mr. Britt."

"He'll make your paper the official organ of the Muckrakers' Union." "I'll watch him," promised Hal. "Meantime I'll take your advice about my speech, Mac, and blue-pencil the how-to-be-good stuff." "Now you're talking! I'll tell you, Boss: why not get some of the fellows to speak up. You might learn a few things about your own paper that would interest you." "Good idea!