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Then one of the performers stood up, and seizing his snake by the neck, he swung him three times around his head, and dropped him on the floor. There he lay extended at his full length, as stiff as though he had taken a dose of his own poison. "I have killed my serpent!" exclaimed the Hindu with a groan. "But I can make him into a useful cane."

They are being rushed through the laboratory at this moment and will be brought to you by the time we are ready for them. Finally" Kennedy paused and as he took the rolls of negative of the snake film I could see that he hesitated to allow them out of his hands even for a few moments "here is some negative which will be my little climax. It it is very valuable indeed, so please be careful."

I've seen some could shake the loads out of a six-gun pretty fast and straight, but I never saw the beat of this feller. Them things gets exaggerated after a time, but if half of what they tell of this fellow was true, he was about the boss of the herd with a small gun. "Still, he never shoots any one until he mixes with Snake Murphy and that was Snake's fault.

"Del Pinzo would rather his men'd get th' lickin's!" answered Snake. "He's hidin' out, I reckon." "I'd like to find his hole!" said Yellin' Kid. The clashing forces were nearer each other now, with the bunch of Happy Valley steers in between, but off to one side. In order that you may better understand what follows, and the positions of the contending parties, I will explain the situation briefly.

Brown said that the reptiles were only imitating human beings in their treatment of a comrade, and that as long as a snake was well, and able to fight, the main body were willing to use him; but after he was wounded and wanted shelter, there was a conspiracy to kick him out of their comfortable quarters.

Sure enough, an immense snake was sliding out from under a mass of brush that the boy had disturbed as he gathered an armful of dry branches and twigs. Dropping his burden, Sandy shouted, "Kill him! Kill him, quick!" The reptile was about five feet long, very thick, and of a dark mottled color. Instantly, each lad had armed himself with a big stick and had attacked him.

"Only just a scratch, but it seems like it took th' tucker out o' me mighty suddin," gasped the old man. "Beckon I'd better get down. I'd 'a' fallen if you hadn't rid up, Bud." "That's what I thought when I saw you reel." By the time Bud, with his cousins, was helping Old Billee to the ground, Yellin' Kid and Snake turned and saw what had happened.

Once more the sun went to his lodge behind the mountains, and as darkness came Mik-a'pi slowly descended the mountain and approached the camp. This was the time of danger. Behind each bush, or hidden in a bunch of the tall rye grass, some person might be watching to warn the camp of an approaching enemy. Slowly and like a snake, he crawled around the outskirts of the camp, listening and looking.

She hastily turned her back on Sirona's house, slipped into the clear moonlight, and after standing there for a few minutes, went into the slaves' quarters. An instant after, she slipped out behind the millstones, and crept as cleverly and as silently as a snake along the ground under the darkened base of the centurion's house, and lay close under Sirona's window.

One of his rare smiles appeared upon Mavovo's ugly face. "Then give it to me now, Baba," he said, "for it is already earned. My Snake cannot lie especially when the fee is half-a-crown." I shook my head and declined, politely but with firmness. "Ah!" said Mavovo, "you white men are very clever and think that you know everything.