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Back of it could be seen a camera shutter. Dan worked the shutter several times to see whether it was all right. "One of those new quick shutter cameras," he explained. Then he ran a couple of wires along the moulding, around the room and into a closet, where he made the connection with a sort of switchboard on which a button was marked, "SHUTTER" and the switch, "WIND FILM."

Suffice it to say that the pictures of the players in motion are taken on a long celluloid strip of film, just as one picture is taken on a square of celluloid in a snap-shot camera. This long reel of film, when developed, is a "negative."

Whatever the name of the ship may be, when you get on board, I have a presentiment that you will be surprised to find me there." She looked up at me with a gathering film in her eyes. "Hubert, you are irrepressible!" "I am, my dear child; so you may as well spare yourself the needless trouble of trying to repress me." If you rub a piece of iron on a loadstone, it becomes magnetic.

What a "scoop" this was. It was the first film that had actually been taken of a British attack. What a record. The thing itself had passed.

But couch his eyes, remove the worthless film that has covered them, and for the first time he realizes the glorious world surrounding him. Likewise couch the body, remove the shell that covers the spirit, and it is born." "I perceive, then, that it is only through death that most of us can hope to gain this knowledge." "Death, if you prefer the word," said Ah Ben.

Possibly the buzzing sensation in my throat, and the smarting of my eyes, helped me in coming to that decision, so I retraced my steps, or rather crawl. Getting back to the encampment, I bathed my eyes in water, which quickly soothed them. In a short time news came in that the scouts were returning. Hurrying to the spot indicated, I was just in time to film them on their arrival.

As he realised this, he reached forward, turned a button, and the glowing film of the electric lamp overhead dulled into blackness and disappeared.

Some two hundred feet away a reef, often awash and stained with the purple scum, angled out into the sea in a long curve which formed a natural breakwater. This was the point of attack. But first the purple film must be removed so that land and sea dwellers could meet on common terms. The fire blazed up, eating hungrily into the driftwood.

They sat there a while without speaking, just as they had sat before the pictures on the films, for never on any film was ever shown a scene of such entrancing loveliness as the one spread out before them. In the broad path made by the moon hung ghostly sails, rose great masts, twinkled myriads of lights.

But when a film of lubricating material was interposed, he found that the friction was the same whether the surfaces were wood on metal, wood on wood, metal on wood, or metal on metal; and the amount of the friction in such case depended chiefly on the nature of the unguent.

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