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So I went on my mission of mercy and found the child bandaged as tight as a drum. When I took out the pins and unrolled it, it fairly popped like the cork out of a champagne bottle. I rubbed its breast and its back and soon soothed it to sleep. I remained a long time, telling them how to take care of the child and the mother, too.

For home is just in sight; And who will heed, when safely there, The perils of the night? And, somehow Rosalie hardly knew why that song comforted and soothed her. 'Miss Rosie dear, can I speak to you? said Toby's voice, the day before the funeral. 'Yes; come in, Toby, said the child mournfully. 'I should like to see you, Miss Rosie, said Toby mysteriously.

Molly drank tea and spread her bread with butter, and Daisy noticed her turning over her slice of bread to examine the texture of it; and a quieter, soothed, less miserable look, spread itself over her wrinkled features. They were not wrinkled with age; yet it was a lined and seamed face generally, from the working of unhappy and morose feelings. "Ain't it good!

At harmony with the moment and the larger life outside it, he leaned back against the canvas hood and let a dreamy gaze roam over the serene and opulent landscape. Nature had always soothed and uplifted him, been like an opiate to anger or pain.

Sitting beside a young woman who in the dawn seemed so lovely, soothed and spellbound in these magical surroundings the sea, mountains, clouds, the open sky Gurov thought how in reality everything is beautiful in this world when one reflects: everything except what we think or do ourselves when we forget our human dignity and the higher aims of our existence.

They comfort his age; they cheer his sickness; they confide their griefs and pleasures to him is it not so? His closing days are soothed by their affection. Ethel. Oh, no, no! And yet it is not his fault or ours that he is a stranger to us. He used to be all day at the bank, or at night in the House of Commons, or he and mamma went to parties, and we young ones remained with the governess.

But, whoever you be, you soothed her last hours she died in your arms; and if ever-years, long years, hence we should chance to meet, and I can do anything to aid another, my blood, and my life, and my heart, and my soul, all are slaves to your will! If you be really of her kindred I commend to you my brother; he is at with Mr. Morton.

So I spent the time from the eleventh hour of the night to the third of the day partly in reading in Cato's Agriculture, partly in writing, not quite so badly as yesterday indeed. Then, after waiting upon my father, I soothed my throat with honey-water, ejecting it without swallowing: I might say gargle, but I won't, though I think the word is found in Novius and elsewhere.

Farnshaw clung to her, so shaken by sobs that she still could not speak, and the penitent daughter soothed and comforted her with her own heart breaking at the thoughtlessness of her speech. "Put it away and don't remember it; I didn't mean it. I'm tired to death and and " She pondered a moment and then made the experiment. "And I want to speak of Aunt Susan to you.

The evening was a lovely one. I took a walk along the road by which we had come in the morning, and was soothed by the peaceful serenity of the surrounding country. It seemed to be impossible that men were killing each other only a few short miles away. The herd of cattle we had passed came into view, and caught sight of the water in the dam.