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This is the stage at which material that has been impressed and retained is recalled to serve the purpose for which it was memorized. Recall is thus the goal of memory, and all the devices so far discussed have it for their object. Can we facilitate recall by any other means than by faithful and intelligent impressions? For answer let us examine the state of mind at time of recall.

On the third day a woman of the sacred craft was sent for to examine the milk. A little was put into a cup, with water and two heated stones, and then examined. If it had the slightest curdled appearance she pronounced it bitter and poisonous.

Y , as a certificate of my good conduct since my leaving him; then explained the reason of my return, and asked permission to examine the mines that night.

Then I went below for the telescope, and spent nearly ten minutes of the utmost impatience in vainly trying to get a focus, and in rubbing the skin nearly off my eyes, before I discovered that having taken off the large glass to examine the phosphoric water with I had omitted to put it on again.

Later in the day, having gotten away from their numerous inquisitive visitors, the explorers passed down-stream and landed on a small island to examine a curious vault, in which were placed the remains of the dead of the tribe. The journal says:

It may not be improper, in this place, to examine the influence of bodily endowments, and of the goods of fortune, over our sentiments of regard and esteem, and to consider whether these phenomena fortify or weaken the present theory.

This time he said that he might have discovered the fraud, had he 'been permitted to take a peep beneath the drapery of the table. But in June he said that he 'was invited to examine the structure of the table. He denied that 'a large table was moved about in a most extraordinary way. In June he had asserted that this occurred. He declared that the bell did not ring.

I always feel afraid of theological or controversial writings, and yet the faith that shrinks from being touched lest it should totter is certainly not on the right foundation. I suppose we ought, on the contrary, to examine thoroughly the reason of the faith that is in us.

The Count, seriously alarmed, now opened other shutters, that he might be enabled to examine further, and, Ludovico not yet appearing, he stood for a moment, suspended in astonishment and scarcely trusting his senses, till, his eyes glancing on the bed, he advanced to examine whether he was there asleep.

We shall see farther symbolism of this kind, soon, by Simon Memmi, in the Spanish chapel. I cannot tell you anything definite of the two other frescos for I can only examine one or two pictures in a day; and never begin with one till I have done with another; and I had to leave Florence without looking at these even so far as to be quite sure of their subjects.