=Leadership.= As a working hypothesis, it may be averred that ability to influence environment betokens leadership. With such a measuring-rod in hand we may go out into the community and determine, with some degree of accuracy, who are leaders and who are mere followers.

He entered the Church, a profession for which he was very indifferently fitted, and through family influence procured the living of Sutton, Yorkshire. In 1741 he m. a lady Miss Lumley whose influence obtained for him in addition an adjacent benefice, and he also became a prebendary of York. It was not until 1760 that the first two vols. of his famous novel, Tristram Shandy, appeared.

It having been reported in Aroostook that a certain well-known individual, living further east, had died of cholera, a desire was expressed at the next "circle" to have him "manifest" himself. The medium above referred to got "under influence," and personated, with an exhibition of all the symptoms of cholera, the gentleman who was reported to have died of that disease.

Those amongst the good acts of a man's past life that exert the greatest influence on the next, are liable to be exhausted. Men, however, are always engaged in those acts to which their propensities lead. Those propensities, again, lead a living being to every direction.""

Thenceforth they secretly sought to influence him against me, and by their vile insinuations made me hated of him.

If a post has to be obtained and influence is necessary, he prosecutes a more resolute canvass; if an examination must be passed, a degree secured, he reads with increased application, and, as a matter of course, he succeeds.

It is upon such matters that the influence of women will make itself felt in legislation. INDIVIDUALS vs. As the older arguments against woman suffrage are abandoned, we hear more and more of the final objection, that the majority of women have not yet expressed themselves on the subject.

They had to hand over their fields and houses or sell themselves into bondage. Thus, outlaws, living by plunder, became a common feature of the time, and there arose a need for guards more capable than those supplied by the system of partial conscription. At the same time many men of prominence and influence began to organize guards for their private protection.

"You mean that a child born beyond reach of the sun's influence would have no soul?" "Such is my meaning, Mr. Knox. Do you begin to see the importance of my experiment with the lotus seeds?" I shook my head slowly.

Thus they moved in silence between the verdure-clad banks of the little river through which the waters of Jad-ben-lul emptied now in the moonlight, now in dense shadow where great trees overhung the stream, and at last out upon the waters of another lake, the black shores of which seemed far away under the weird influence of a moonlight night.