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As framers of the constitution, the members of the convention gave to it no validity, meaning, or legal force. They simply drafted it, and offered it, such as it legally might be, to the people for their adoption or rejection. The people, therefore, in adopting it, had no reference whatever to the opinions of the convention. They had no authentic evidence of what those opinions were.

I'm in a hurry to get back, for he will be anxious while I am away. 'There's no hurry, little Nell, no hurry at all, said Quilp. 'How should you like to be my number two, Nelly? 'To be what, sir? 'My number two, Nelly, my second, my Mrs Quilp, said the dwarf. The child looked frightened, but seemed not to understand him, which Mr Quilp observing, hastened to make his meaning more distinctly.

The only particular in which any one can differ from me, is either, that perhaps he will refuse to call this necessity. But as long as the meaning is understood, I hope the word can do no harm. Or that he will maintain there is something else in the operations of matter. Now whether it be so or not is of no consequence to religion, whatever it may be to natural philosophy.

I questioned her as to her meaning; and she went on to tell me that her husband had once made a profession of religion; but she feared he was then in a "backslidden state," as she termed it. I know not how this matter might have been; but during my acquaintance with Mr. Talbot I never observed any thing in his conduct which to me seemed inconsistent with a profession of religion.

"How far is it safe for a girl to follow up a boy?" she asked abruptly, yet with a little catch in her breath. "Meaning yourself?" Billy queried. "Yes, of course." "I should say it depended a good deal on the boy." "I mean Allyn." "What's the matter? Have you had a falling out?" "Yes, we are always doing it. I can't seem to help it, either. It's horrid.

"Presently I got at the hidden meaning There was a small piece of paper, rolled up or crumpled up into a ball, lying upon this table, and the Italian wished, nay, was desperately anxious, to call the lady's attention to it. If I had had any doubt of this, it was quite removed after the man had gone into the inner room.

The Chevalier, constantly engaged in his own multiplied affairs, had not hitherto sought any explanation with Waverley, though often meaning to do so. But after Fergus's declaration he saw the necessity of appearing neutral between the rivals, devoutly hoping that the matter, which now seemed fraught with the seeds of strife, might be permitted to lie over till the termination of the expedition.

He left his prayers unsaid to pilot us from nook to nook; he exhibited the old paintings of Byzantine origin, and in broken English endeavored to interpret their meaning.

In this period, when studies which ambition at times led me to prosecute zealously or emptiness and satiety, the inevitable companions of my way of living brought me nearer to the real meaning of life and eternity, it was in old-world philosophies, uncomprehended writings of Hegel, and particularly in Spinoza's seeming mathematical clearness, that I sought for peace of mind in that which the human understanding cannot comprehend.

He did not understand the meaning of her words; did she mean to offend him, or did she say these words without any kind thoughts? "Thank God for this!" said she and smiled to him a kind, friendly smile. "What makes you so glad?" he asked. "The fact that we don't resemble our fathers." Foma glanced at her in astonishment and kept silent.

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