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Because other like specimens have been found in the same area in the last ten years; and because the windows and the doors of the cave dwellings of the Gila would not admit anything but a dwarf race. They may not all have been twenty-four and thirty-six and forty inches; but no specimens the size of the mummies in other prehistoric dwellings have been found in the Gila.

On looking carefully we could see that their line of battle was curved a little toward us at the wings, and that it followed a road which cut the route to Brussels like a cross. On the left it was a deep cut, and on the right of the road it was bordered with thick hedges of holly and dwarf beech which are common in that country.

Thus reproached, the maid fetched the saucepan, which had been laid by till the tinker's next visit, and gave it to the dwarf, who thanked her, and went away. In due time the saucepan was returned, and, as the Housewife had foreseen, it was neatly mended and ready for use. At supper-time the maid filled the pan with milk, and set it on the fire for the children's supper.

The magicians did not appear to think that they could; but Ting-a-ling, who was still on the Princess's shoulder, though unseen by the dwarf, suddenly shouted, "I can play!" and in an instant he had driven his little sword into the dwarf's eye, who immediately sprang from the chair with a howl of anguish.

He was the victim of the iron hand, minus the velvet glove. But now a trick was brought into play which Jim himself had used once or twice in the course of his adventurous career. While he was busily engaged with the matter in hand, he suddenly found his arms pinioned by a rawhide lasso, cast by the expert hand of Master Dwarf.

I know I know it all; for I was once one of the possessed, one of a thousand, and even now " "Well?" asked the dwarf. "Folly!" muttered the witch, stretching herself as if awaking from sleep. "Madness! He is long since dead, and if he were not it would be all the same to me. All men are alike, and Mena will be like the rest."

Edelwald moved at once across the interval of wall and found the sentinels in that bastion divided between laughter and superstitious awe. "She's out again," said one. "Who is out?" demanded Edelwald. "The little swan-riding witch." "You have not let the dwarf scale this wall? If she could do that unobserved, my men, we are lax." "She is one who will neither be let nor hindered.

They saw a cripple to-day for the first time, and a female dwarf, whose height scarcely exceeded thirty inches, and whose appearance bespoke her to be between thirty and forty years of age. Her head was disproportionately large to the size of her body; her features, like her voice, were harsh, masculine, and unpleasant in the extreme.

"Oh! chieftain," said he, "since no other will hold with thee, behold, here is the lance which was in my hand on the day when I received the honour of knighthood; and from that time to this I never broke it. And it has an excellent point." Then Geraint took the lance, thanking the hoary-headed man. And thereupon the dwarf also brought a lance to his lord.

"By my soul, it is true," cried the Dutchman; "but, hush! see, they are going to cut up that great pie." I turned my eyes to the centre of the table, which was ornamented with a huge pasty. Presently it was cut open, and out walked a hideous little dwarf. "Are they going to eat him?" said I. "Ha! ha!" laughed the Dutchman.