She likes the people, and if she feels lonely can have one of the children to stay with her. She will teach a little. We have been thinking a good deal the last day or two of this time last year when we were starting forth. It is a year to-day since we left Southampton. Tuesday, November 20.

In the ordinary course of things Joseph would have taken the shortest cut to his patron's house, but to-day neither the weight of the barrow-load, which was considerable, nor Joseph's objection to labor, which was strongly rooted, could prevent him from taking the lengthier route, which lay along the village main street, and therefore took him where he had most chance of being observed.

This half-hour's shivering before sunrise in the square of Alatri, and listening to the plash of the fountain, is one of those memories of the town which are graven most clearly in my mind. I could point out, to-day, the very spot whereon I sat.

She went into lodgings, and there was no one to help her. She wrote to me, asking me to come to her. Her letter was destroyed in one of the pillar-boxes raided by those women " She pointed. "Then she broke her heart because she thought I'd given her up. She daren't write again. And now I've found her out in hospital dying. I've seen her to-day.

This is made our new base line for separating our telescopes; an observation of a star is taken, say, to-day, and after waiting six months, to enable the earth to reach the other extremity of its vast orbit, another observation is taken, and yet it is found, as we shall see later on, that the distance of the nearest fixed star is so stupendous that even this base line, of 186,000,000 miles, shows absolutely no inclination between the two telescopes except in about a dozen cases, and even in those the angle of parallax, perceivable, is so minute that no reliable distance can be calculated; we can only say that the star is at least as far away as a certain distance, but it may be much farther.

There are no windows, no apertures, and to-day no battlements nor roofs. These accessories were removed by Henry III., so that, in spite of its grimness and blackness, the place has not even the interest of look- ing like a prison; it being, as I supposed, the essence of a prison not to be open to the sky.

I've hindered him!" She brought out the word with an agony of slow horror. "And only to-day I read-here, look!" she faltered, going to the table and picking up with shaking hands a magazine. Billy recognized it by the cover at once another like it had been flung not so long ago by her own hand into the corner.

The seine and dredge were not more successful to-day than yesterday, but the Indians in some measure compensated for the disappointment by bringing us several baskets of fish, some dry, and some fresh dressed; it was not indeed of the best, but I ordered it all to be bought for the encouragement of trade.

Rosie, who was still far from being strong, leaned on Rollo's arm coming down stairs. "I am very glad that you are going to have the care of us to-day, instead of Mr. George," said she. "So am I," said Rollo. "I am very glad indeed." "I don't care any thing at all about his old learned inscriptions," said Rosie. "Nor do I much," said Rollo.

Having made bankrupts of the natives in the yam market, the African, schooner, sailed to-day for the purpose of procuring them, in other parts of the island. Saturday, March 1. Some days since, a native having been detected stealing a knife out of Capt.