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For white-headed Jack was a passionate old fellow, and would have quickly invited any one who tried to harm the girl "to come outside"; Jim, her black-haired, morose and silent brother, would have driven a knife between the offender's ribs.

But Yanson turned the gun about in his hand, shook his head and declined it. His master did not understand the reason and scolded him, but the reason was that Yanson had more faith in the power of his Finnish knife than in the rusty gun. "It would kill me," he said, looking at his master sleepily with his glassy eyes, and the master waved his hand in despair. "You fool!

"You have given her a very heavy dose of opium." "Yes, she has had a good dose." He glanced again at the dark eyes which looked straight at his own. They were dull and lustreless, but, even as he gazed, a little shifting sparkle came into them, and the lips quivered. "She is not absolutely unconscious," said he. "Would it not be well to use the knife while it will be painless?"

On the fatal day that Prince Bahman was transformed into a stone, as Prince Perviz and the princess were talking together in the evening, as usual, the prince desired his sister to pull out the knife to know how their brother did. The princess readily complied, and seeing the blood run down the point, was seized with so much horror that she threw it down.

Though I could not myself get round either of the ends of the butt, nor even my arm, I could pass the rod around them, and in this way measure them. Even had there not been space to admit the measuring-stick, I should have found a means by simply drilling another hole with my knife, close to either end, and gauging as before.

He placed on the table, by the side of an inkstand, furnished with pens, the slice of bread and the radish; then seating himself on his stool, with the stove, as it were, between his legs, he drew a horn-handled knife from his pocket, and cutting alternately a morsel of bread and a morsel of radish, with a sharp, well-worn blade, he began his temperate repast with a vigorous appetite, keeping his eye fixed on the hand of his watch.

That's the sort o' thing Bill Foley would do." Mr. Bert Jobson drained his saucer thoughtfully. "Picking your teeth with your finger is wrong, too," said Mr. Jobson, taking a breath. "Food should be removed in a a un-undemonstrative fashion with the tip of the tongue." "I wasn't," said Gladys. "A knife," pursued her father "a knife should never in any circumstances be allowed near the mouth."

"I suppose that none of these securities have been found among the property of the dead man?" "No, sir." "Have you any reason to suspect robbery?" "No, sir. Nothing seemed to have been touched." "Dear me, it is certainly a very interesting case. Then there was a knife, was there not?" "A sheath-knife, still in its sheath. It lay at the feet of the dead man. Mrs.

"A knife is always a knife, an awl is always an awl," remarks M. Cartailhac; "they were made at every period, and their resemblance to each other proves nothing with any certainty." Rounded stones of granite or sandstone seem however to have been weapons peculiar to the Neolithic period. Dr.

This is the way the common sort of people will talk: 'You have got your ticket to the feast of life, as much as any other man that ever lived. Protestantism says, "Help yourself; here's a clean plate, and a knife and fork of your own, and plenty of fresh dishes to choose from."

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