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Thus, by the simultaneous descent of the diaphragm and the elevation of the ribs, the cavity of the chest is increased in three directions, downwards, side-ways, and from behind forwards. It is thus evident that inspiration is due to a series of muscular contractions.

“Von tree! von treeshouted the Frenchman, bending his body on the neck of his charger, shutting his eyes, and playing on the ribs of his beast with his heels at a rate that caused him to be conveyed on the crupper of the sheriff with a marvellous speed.

He seemed to feel that it had not enough robust manliness, that the ribs and backbone, the facts, thoughts, and real substance of the address, were not sufficiently prominent, owing to the frequency of those outbursts of magnetic eloquence, which made the immense audience that listened to it half crazy with the vehemence of their applause.

The Jew feigned weariness, and began to limp as though foot-sore. Captain halted him at last. "Don't try that game," he said. "It don't go. I spared your life for a purpose. The minute you stop pulling, that minute I'll sink this into your ribs." He prodded him with his sheath knife. "Get along now, or I'll make you haul it alone."

He did not seem preparing to strike with his hands, which hung low, but rather like one who would leap at the throat with his teeth. The ship heaved and Harrigan sprang and his fists cracked one, two. He leaped out again under the captain's clubbed hands. Two spots of red glowed on McTee's ribs and the wolf pack moistened their lips.

"There’s so little he can eat on account of his ribs that he’s a good dinner guest for me." Jack’s aunt felt vaguely uncomfortable over this allusion to her grand-nephew’s circumstances, and coughed in slight embarrassment. Burnett opened the door, and the carriage lamp shone below.

This partly intercepted the light; but still it revealed in a fitful way the huge ribs of the ship, and her inner skin, that formed the right-hand partition, so to speak, of this black cavern; and close outside those gaunt timbers was heard the wash of the sea. There was something solemn in the close proximity of that tremendous element and the narrowness of the wooden barrier.

She initiated her proposed era of good feeling by a sounding kick in the ribs of the most obstreperous of the dogs, and a slap on the face of a 12-year-old girl, who was the noisest and most pugnacious of the lot. Each of these set up a howl, but there was a general acquiescence in her assertion of authority.

The space between the ribs is occupied by muscles which reach from one to the other, and the whole framework or cage is shut in below by the diaphragm, that marvellous board whose history I have promised to relate. The diaphragm, as I told you some time ago, is a large muscle, thin and flat, stretched like a cloth between the chest and the abdomen.

It was in the last stage of emaciation, its ribs and backbone showing clearly beneath its skin. "Poor brute!" ejaculated Dick, whose sympathies were easily aroused. "It's evidently dying, and in great pain, too. Better put it out of its misery, hadn't we?" And he raised his rifle suggestively. "Not on your life," interposed Earle, hastily.

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