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Junius tumbled headlong from the tribune ... but before he had succeeded in fleeing to his own house, outbursts of rapturous applause, cries of laudation and shouts reached his ear. And what did he behold?

I mixed up a little mild praise of the Germans, whom I said I had known all over the world for decent fellows. I received little applause, but no marked dissent, and sat down with deep thankfulness. The next speaker put the lid on it. I believe he was a noted agitator, who had already been deported.

'It is but a trick, I explained. 'I have practised it in the winter evenings at home. 'It is not a trick that I should care to have played upon me, said Lord Grey, amid a general murmur of applause and surprise. 'Od's bud, man, you have lived two centuries too late. What would not your thews have been worth before gunpowder put all men upon a level! 'Wunderbar! growled Buyse, 'wunderbar!

Were any other circumstance needed to enhance the excitement of the patriots of Scotland, they would have found it in this. As it was, a sudden, irrepressible burst of applause broke from many eager voices as the bishop placed the coronet in her hands, but one glance from those dark, eloquent eyes sufficed to hush it on the instant into stillness.

You have encouraged many to keep a good heart through dark days, and we trust that the courage of a constant hope is yours." The London Ruskin Society sent a separate address; and to show that if not a prophet in his own country he was at any rate a valued friend, the Coniston Parish Council resolved "and carried unanimously," says the local journal, "with applause,"

Even Brederode himself, who appeared to have retained, as was natural, but a confused impression of the transaction, seemed in the days which succeeded the celebrated banquet, to be in doubt whether he and his friends had merited any great amount of applause. He was, however, somewhat self-contradictory, although always vehement in his assertions on the subject.

It was as if he were saying the truth at last, defending himself at last which he had never done in real life. Finally repulsed, silent under her scornful invective, Delacour gathered himself together and went off magnificent in defeat. The curtain fell for the last time. The tiny audience, strengthened by the rest of the cast who were not needed in the final scene, broke into rapturous applause.

Nothing ... nothing. She seemed to warm him into a deeper sleep. It was a relief to be admired for one's silence. Admired, not loved. Love was a bore. Anna loved him, bored him. Her love was an applause that did not wait for him to perform an unreasonable ovation. He looked at the girl again.

When Nick Barry finished a roaring song, he stamped and clapped and shouted applause till it set off the others with applause of it, and the place was a pandemonium.

The stage fright which had threatened to overwhelm the actors, magically disappeared when they found themselves put upon their mettle, and they frolicked through the play, with an ease and naive enjoyment that delighted their audience and brought storms of applause. The play was called, "A Day in Court."

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