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"I came because I had a mind to come. What did you come for?" "Did you come to make Kansas a free State?" "No, not primarily; but I shall vote to make Kansas a free State." "Are you a correspondent of the New York Tribune?" "No; I have not written a line to the Tribune since I came to Kansas."

Why, then, if you saw us being wronged by him at the start, as you assert, did you never attack or accuse him at the time, instead of telling us now all the transgressions he committed when tribune, all his irregularities when master of horse, all his villanies when consul?

He asked me, soon, if I would care to do a certain thing for the Tribune, stopping, to look in at a shop window, as I answered him. I waited while he did his errand at a Broadway shop; then we came back to the office. The publisher was in Mr Greeley's room. 'Where's my ham, Dave? said the editor as he looked at the slab of marble where the ham had lain.

William Winter's review appeared next morning in the Tribune, It is reprinted in his book, "Henry Irving," published by G. J. Coombes, New York, 1889. Mr. Winter said: "Mr. Irving has impersonated here nine different men, each one distinct from all the others. Yet in so doing he has never ceased to exert one and the same personal charm, the charm of genialised intellect.

Annexation, or peaceful absorption, is the "manifest destiny" of the islands, with the probable result lately most wittily prophesied by Mark Twain in the New York Tribune, but it is impious and impolitic to hasten it.

This fact, coupled with Rosie's charming simplicity and vivacity of manner, fixed her name in his mind; later he was reading the New York Tribune, and the name Ricci arrested his attention. The item mentioned the death of Raphael Ricci, ex-consul, and the senator's object in writing was to inquire further as to the facts. Did he leave a competency?

When the music ceased, the guests wandered about the galleries, and at length the principal saloons were filled with dancers. Lord Montfort approached Miss Temple. 'There is one room in the palace you have never yet visited, he said, 'my tribune; 'tis open to-night for the first time. Henrietta accepted his proffered arm. 'And how do you like the princess? he said, as they walked along.

Now, however, the baffled truth has entered the citadel of professional authority and the correspondent of the New York Tribune tells the story as follows: CHARCOT AVENGES MESMER.

Wherever it was possible, a gentle blow was administered to the instruments of the regents; thus Gabinius was refused the thanksgiving-festival that he asked ; thus Piso was recalled from his province; thus mourning was put on by the senate, when the tribune of the people Gaius Cato hindered the elections for 699 as long as the consul Marcellinus belonging to the constitutional party was in office.

Upon his return from the cruise, Arrius had warm welcome on the mole at Misenum. The young man attending him very early attracted the attention of his friends there; and to their questions as to who he was the tribune proceeded in the most affectionate manner to tell the story of his rescue and introduce the stranger, omitting carefully all that pertained to the latter's previous history.

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