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Well, Sir but my Lady, you must know, Sir, has the common frailties of her Sex, and will refuse what she even longs for, if persuaded to't by me. Gay. 'Tis not in my Bargain to sollicit her, Sir, you are to procure her or three hundred pounds, Sir; chuse you whether. Sir Cau.

The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, "'tis time to part." Even the distance at which the Almighty hath placed England and America, is a strong and natural proof that the authority of the one over the other was never the design of heaven.

Ninthly, As to their use of bad or decayed Drugs, 'tis so common a practice that I shall need to give but one notorious instance of it, and 'tis this, I having occasion to use some Seeds, sent for them to a Seeds-man, the Messenger desiring to have those of the same Year. Nay I have known one simple of a quite different nature used for a whole composition.

"'Tis a remarkable spot, as no one can deny," answered Daggett; "but I like its abundance of seal the most of all T cannot say I have much taste for sights, unless they bring the promise of good profit with them. We Vineyarders live in a small way, and are not rich enough to take delight in landscapes."

I robbed my friend Floris, Alas! would it had ended there; for he lost little by me; but I kept the land from Peter his son, and from Margaret, Peter's daughter. Yet I was always going to give it back; but I couldn't, I couldn't." "Avarice, my son, avarice, Happy for thee 'tis not too late." "No; I will leave it her by will.

"At first I resolved not to disturb you with such a useless piece of information," said he. "However, our impulses are too strong for our judgement sometimes. I thought you might perhaps know something of it all the while." "Well, I have heard once or twice, 'tis true, that my family had seen better days afore they came to Blackmoor.

By Fortune, the Rogue's looking for me; he has a Challenge in his hand too. Sham. No matter, Sir, huff it out. Sir Tim. Prithee do thee huff him, thou know'st the way on't. Sham. What's your Bus'ness with Sir Timothy, Sir? Mine, Sir, I don't know the Gentleman; pray which is he? Sir Tim. I, I, 'tis so Pox on him. Sharp. Well, Boy, I am he What Your Master. My Master, Sir Sharp. Yes, Sir. Sharp.

"Why," says he, "there's an old bed-post in the corner that will serve me to a nicety. But first I must see our landlord and engage a room for Kit and me; for I take it, my dear," adds he, "you will be content to stay with us here." "Yes," answers she, "'tis a most cheerful view of the river from the windows."

"'Tis pitifully few comforts you can buy in life, when all's said and done." "Comforts!" The sick man's eyes grew sharp, attacking, with a force that had not been his for days. "You are talking now like a fool. Money is the only thing that can buy comforts. What comforts have the poor?" "Are you meaning butlers and limousines, electric vibrators and mud-baths?

"'Tis a pretty spot?" said Henry, interrogatively, as the party halted on the edge of a precipice, whence they obtained an uninterrupted view of the whole of that side of the island. "Ay, pretty enough," replied Gascoyne in a somewhat sad tone of voice; "I had hoped to have led a quiet life here once, but that was not to be.