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When Daniel had ended there was a great silence, instead of the questions and compliments he looked to receive. He became testy, and turning to Bell, said,

With that she kissed Birdalone fondly and embraced Arthur, and went her way; and those twain abode in the dale, and slept and watched by turns, and all was tidingless till the morrow's dawn; neither was there aught to tell of on that day and the night that ended it.

As much as we shall comprehend at first, perhaps, when the angels take us up out of the earth cold, and give us the first morsel of heavenly good to stay our cravings. This was how it ended.

As soon as they were outside, Mary turned to him, and begged he would play the same piece with which he had ended on the former occasion. "I thought you did not care for it! I am so glad!" he said. "I care for it very much," replied Mary, "and have often thought of it since. But you left in such haste! before I could find words to thank you!" "You mean the ten lepers, don't you?" he said.

"Here I am on my way to learn something about Miner the Mole, and I trip over one of the queer little ridges he is forever making. It wasn't here yesterday, so that means that he is at work right around here now. Hello, I thought so!" Peter had been looking along that little ridge and had discovered that it ended only a short distance from him.

It is not altogether strange if Buddhist and Catholic rituals starting from the same elements ended by producing similar scenic effects. Yet though the scenic effect may be similar, there is often a difference in the nature of the rite.

The year ended, you can return, and, should you both still be of the same mind, you can then marry her as soon as you like. If you decline to accede to these terms which I believe to be to your mutual ultimate advantage I must refuse my consent to the engagement altogether." A silence followed this speech.

They quarreled vigorously and the quarrels always ended one way, she became sick in one way or other. This usually brought her husband around to her way of thinking, at least for a time, and much against his will he would go with her to her friends. Finally, however, she set her heart on living with these people, and he set his will firmly against hers.

Seth's answer was almost a groan. "It's you," he said. "You down here." This ended the conversation for another minute. Then the lady seemed to awake to the realities of the situation. "Yes," she said, "it's me and it's you. We're here, both of us. Though why on earth YOU should be, I don't know." "Me? Me? Why, I belong here. But you what in time sent you here?

He was staring into a fire, which burned small and smokily. "You think the day for kings is ended. I read it differently. The world will ever have need of kings. If a nation cast out one it will have to find another. And mark you, those later kings, created by the people, will bear a harsher hand than the old race who ruled as of right.