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Peter might yes, he must certainly avoid him until after dawn. Then it would not matter. Sick in body as well as in mind after the evening's events, the low, cruel cunning which possessed him was still hard at work scheming to fulfil both his vicious desires and to hedge himself round in safety. This was the first time he had been near home since he had returned from the bluff.

Well, I climbed it an' left my hat on top for a woodpecker's nest." "You've been running fighting?" queried Belding, as if Ladd had not spoken at all. "I reckon it'll dawn on you after a while," replied Ladd, slipping the saddle. "Laddy, go in the house to the women," said Belding. "I'll tend to your horse." "Shore, Tom, in a minute. I've been down the road.

And all at once, she started to her feet, in the very middle of a caress. And she stood, listening. And Aja listened also: and he heard in the silence the sound of a gong. A play on words: meaning also more affectionate. So as he watched her, she turned paler and ever paler, like the east at the break of dawn.

It was some trekking. Swakopmund was left on the 26th of April at dawn. Haigkamchab was reached by I on the same afternoon, and Husab supply base at 6.30 p.m. Next day Husab was left at 2.15 p.m.; the column halted for a few minutes at 5 p.m., and pushed right through to Riet, which was made at 10.20 that evening.

Before he awakes and comes out, growling, the sky in the east is lightened a shade, and the star of the dawn sparkles less brilliantly. But the process is slow. The twilight is long. There is a surprising deliberation about the preparation of the sun for rising, as there is in the movements of the boatman. Both appear to be reluctant to begin the day.

"What," demanded Cary, in a strained voice, "what did he answer?" "He answered, 'I shall take the river road." Mr. Hunter helped himself to wine. "I was tired, and he was tired, and I didn't like him anyway, and wasn't interested, so I went on calling to the dogs, and we didn't speak again. He and his negro boy went on at dawn, and he took, after all, the main road. He isn't," finished Mr.

He galloped right through the fire, for which he had run in his terror, fortunately, however, without treading on us, and vanished into the night. We heard his hoofs for a hundred yards or more, then there was silence, broken now and again by distant growls. As may be imagined, we did not sleep any more that night, but waited anxiously till the dawn broke, two hours later.

Next day, at dawn, I pushed forward; but when I reached the spot where I calculated they must have encamped, to my dismay, I came upon the trail of the Monacans, who must, knew, have espied them. I went on, however, desirous of learning what had happened. I soon afterwards came upon the Monacan camp, and beyond it I found the trail of the two pale-faces.

At the moment to have had his place in that charge beyond the river, he would have cheerfully met his death when the day was over. Through the night he slept fitfully, awaking from time to time to ask eagerly if it were not almost daybreak; then with the dawn the silence that had fallen over the Potomac seemed to leave a greater blank to be filled with the noises along the Virginia shore.

He was woken up soon after dawn by one of the cubs tugging at his shoelaces in play.