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"Well, I think I'll be ready for a trial flight in another week," said Tom one day, as he stepped back to get a view of the almost completed Humming-Bird. "Shall you want a passenger?" asked Mr. Damon. "Yes, I wish you would take a chance with me.

'One thing perplexes me, Tom: if thou sawest mistress Dorothy in the court with the roundhead, how came she thereafter, thinkest thou, locked up in his chamber? 'It behoves that she went into it again, my lord. 'How knowest thou she had been there before? 'Nay, I know not, my lord. I know nothing of the matter. 'Why say'st it then? Take heed to thy words, Tom.

At the same time, some of them carried the provisions which had been prepared on board, while others brought from their own stores a still further supply, and would have added more, had not old Tom assured them that the boat was already overloaded.

"I'll warrant you that Tom and his wife made a better hand of themselves," said Alick M'Kinley, "than Larry and Sally did." "Ah! I wouldn't fear, Alick," said Tom, "but you would come at the truth 'tis you that may say they did; there wasn't two in the parish more comfortable than the same two, at the very time that Larry and Sally came by their deaths.

Tom was her encouraged lover; still she wished him to help her in obtaining the love powder by which she might acquire the love of another man. Sukey was generous; but the world and the people thereof were made for her use, and she, of course, would use them.

Those who are most conscious of defects of early education are most resentful of other people sharing their consciousness Moreover, Tom's bonhomie was far more to the old fellow's liking than the studied politeness of his predecessor, so that on the whole Tom made more of a conquest of the father than of the daughter.

"I've just heard the youngster's sad story. Do you know what really ails him? Cigarettes!" "Him? Cigarettes!" observed Ferrers disgustedly. "The miserable little rascal!" "You see," smiled Tom, turning to the boy, "just what men think of a lad who tries to look manly by smoking cigarettes." "Cigarettes? Manly?" exploded Jim Ferrers, with a guffaw. "Men don't smoke cigarettes.

"Yes, indeed; I've known him for years," she said, and held out her hand to Tom, who was now standing up behind the sofa.

The following letter is dated September, 1850: "It is not Tom Taylor only who honestly believes the Sanitary Board to be engaged in teaching Central and Local Powers to co-operate, and to be anxious to leave bona fide power of the most important kind to the localities.

"Busy too, Tom," she said pleasantly. "I don't think this place should be called Thankful Rest. Nobody seems to take a rest here. How do you like this work?" "Don't ask me, Miss Goldthwaite," said the lad. "You remember you told me to make the best of it; but it isn't easy."