"M. de Baisemeaux," said Aramis, turning round in his chair, "here is your servant, who wishes to speak with you;" and at this moment, De Baisemeaux's servant appeared at the threshold of the door. "What is it?" asked Baisemeaux, sharply. "Monsieur," said the man, "they are bringing you the doctor's return." Aramis looked at De Baisemeaux with a calm and confident eye.

"I? I assure you," he said, turning a gay face toward her, "I think it positively the most exciting town I ever saw in my life. But then, of course, I 've had unusual privileges. What is much more important what do you think of it?" "Of course, I love it. My mother went here to boarding school a great, great many years ago. No, not that some years ago.

"Corporal O'Brien," said the colonel, addressing the sergeant's brother-conspirator, "bring a pair of handcuffs, put them on this sergeant, lock him up in a cell, and bring me the key." This, too, was done. "Now, corporal, you come here; lay down your arms, take off your accoutrements, and lay them down also." He was obeyed. Turning to the right man of the guard, "Come here, you grenadier.

He had arrived at the end of the avenue, where the path forked; one branch turning sharply round in the direction of a side entrance to the house, whilst the other led with a gentle curvature to the front.

Just a nucleus of light at first, like a shimmering mist, but it steadied and brightened until that snowy summit was configured in the midst of her lowlier brethren on the borders of Kashmir and Bedient, turning from his deep reflections, would find the source of the miracle, trailing her glory up from the South. Often he lost the sense of personality in these meditations.

And the Vatican will, of course, consent. I fancy that is how it stands." He tapped his pocket as if the golden "piecès de conviction" were already there, and closed his eye like any common person; like, for instance, his own father, who was an Andalusian innkeeper. "I fancy that is how it is," said Sarrion, turning gravely to Marcos. "Is it not so?" "That is how it is," replied Marcos.

Nadiboff can be arrested." "Hal," demanded Jack, turning to his chum, "when you were prowling about at the cave, did you hear Gaston mention the name of M. Lemaire?" "No," replied Hastings, shaking his head. "Then there wouldn't be any witness to confirm my testimony," sighed Captain Benson.

She will remain enshrined in my memory, and in the memory of those other travellers, as we saw her then, always young and beautiful, and always turning upon us those lovely, enquiring eyes. And, by the way, it is strange, is it not, that Miss Wycliffe should have eyes similar to those of my young guide in Assisi?

"Let us hope, at any rate, that we shall suffer more privations and encounter more trouble than we did in that mountainous Kingdom of Spor." Then he added: "For one reason, I regret you are my master." "What is that reason?" asked the prince, turning to smile upon his esquire.

And we may note in passing, that at the time of the turning of the first sod of the Intercolonial railway in 1853, employes from seventeen shipyards 1,090 men in all marched in the procession and shipbuilding had not then attained its greatest development. It was an important industry indeed in its day.