Hammond, I feel a confidence in your integrity, your goodness of heart, and high principle which I never thought I could feel for a man of whom I know so little, began Lady Maulevrier, gravely. 'All I know of you or your antecedents is what my grandson has told me and I must say that the information so given has been very meagre.

"It was my own fault for leaving the door open." I thought I saw the faintest possible quiver at the corner of his lips, but if so it was gone again at once. "Yes," he said gravely. "You will find it safer to keep the place locked up. Good-day, sir." "Good-day," I replied, and turning deliberately away from him I sauntered off towards the hut.

We shan't keep her long." "Keep her!" replied the general vigorously, wiping his large face with a large pocket handkerchief. "Keep her! If I were thirty years younger, you shouldn't keep her a day not a day, sir." The little girl looked up gravely from the corner of the seat, tossing her short, dark plait from her shoulder. "What would you do with her, papa?" she asked.

Ere he landed on his feet, he saw the white camp spread out before him and knew where he was and remembered all that had passed from the time he went for a stroll with Manuel to the hole he had dug for himself the night before. A shout from Francois hailed his appearance. "Wot I say?" the dog-driver cried to Perrault. "Dat Buck for sure learn queek as anyt'ing." Perrault nodded gravely.

And with a shrill laugh to point this sour-grape sentiment, and mark her disdain for Lucian, the fair Bella took herself and her lean form out of the room. Diana and the barrister were too deeply interested in their business to take much notice of Bella's hysterical outburst, but looked at one another gravely as she departed. "Well, Mr.

"The beadle's coat is much too large for him," said I. "Yes, yes," he replied hurriedly. "Samson Salt was a big man and had only had the coat three years when he died, and we couldn't afford a new one for Timothy. Dear me, but this isn't a council meeting, and what's the beadle's coat got to do with horse-stealing?" "As much as I have," I replied gravely.

Indeed it was so faint that I thought I must have merely fancied it, so, as I did not wish to alarm you, I said nothing about it." We listened for a long time for the sound again, but as it did not come, we returned to the bower and resumed our work. "Very strange," said Peterkin, quite gravely. "Do you believe in ghosts, Ralph?" "No," I answered, "I do not.

Very gravely and quietly Henry Irving used to give up his place to me. I played once more at the Queen's after Katherine and Petruchio. It was in a little piece called "The Household Fairy," and I remember it chiefly through an accident which befell poor Jack Clayton through me.

He gravely replied, "If all the men in the ship were of that mind, I will never believe that thou wilt be of that mind thyself, for I have heard thee protest against cruelty in all other cases." "Well, William," says I, "that is true; but what then shall we do with them?" "Why," says William, "is there no way but to murder them? I am persuaded thou canst not be in earnest."

Then thinking it over gravely she returned with her odd intonation: "Yes, but you do see him!" I had to admit that this was the case; and I wasn't so prepared with an effective attenuation as I could have wished. She eased the situation off, however, by the charming quaintness with which she finally said: "Well, I wouldn't want him to be lonely!"