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A bedroom was built on the east side of the house, and a rough stairway into the loft more room perhaps than was needed; but John was called in Nepash "a dre'dful forecastin' man," and he took warning from the twins. And timely warning it proved, for as the years slipped by, one after another, they left their arrows in his quiver till ten children bloomed about the hearth.

A trembling like that of faintness which is fought off by an effort of will ran over her, and he watched the pale, unsteady quiver of her eyelids. "I will send you there I'll send you anywhere," he said, "if you will promise me " The words were hard to come, and while he stumbled over them she looked up with a startled exclamation.

Yet above them all one horror was predominant, and never through the days and nights that have since elapsed has my soul ceased to quiver at the echo of two terrible words which have never ceased to ring through my brain 'Buried alive!

For a moment the surface of the liquid remained quiet, and then the pipe began to quiver; a slight overflow took place, without any sign of ebullition, and then suddenly, with a throb, the whole column was forced high into the air. With a tube, the long arm of which measured two feet and the bore of which was three-eighths of an inch, he sent a jet to the height of eighteen feet.

"Course I did," said Davy frankly. "If I hadn't you wouldn't have been scared. I HAD to tell it." Anne was feeling the reaction from her fright and exertions. Davy's impenitent attitude gave the finishing touch. Two big tears brimmed up in her eyes. "Oh, Davy, how could you?" she said, with a quiver in her voice. "Don't you know how wrong it was?" Davy was aghast.

When, at last, they met, Po-no-kah had Rudolph and Kitty in his arms, and, staggering no more, was hurrying through the forest, armed with bow, quiver, and traveling pouch. The astonished prisoner, after taking Kitty from his companion's arms, followed him in silence. Not for hours did Po-no-kah look back or speak, and then it was but to say a few broken words: "Po-no-kah was hungry.

So they stood in a quiver of eagerness and expectation, whilst that huge multitude hung so silently and breathlessly upon every motion that they might have believed themselves to be alone, man to man, in the centre of some primeval solitude.

Because of it the words come to an end, and yet end not; the utterance is over, but not its ring; and the ear and the mind can go on and on with their game of tossing the rhyme to each other. Thus did the rain patter and the leaves quiver again and again, the live-long day in my consciousness. Another episode of this period of my early boyhood is held fast in my mind.

"May I be allowed to speak to him, mem-sahib?" he asked. She turned to him thankfully. "Yes, tell him what I want!" Peter placed himself in front of the stranger. "The noble lady desires your service," he said. "Her gracious excellency is waiting." A quiver went through the crouching form. He seemed to awake, his mind returning as it were from a far distance.

Poor Helena! how often she admired them!" His voice faltered, and he bit his under lip to still its quiver. Was there some necromancy in the azure flames, that suddenly revealed the beloved face of the wife of his youth, and the lovely vision of their only child?

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