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"I reckon some of 'em would be past enjoying by the time he got to 'em, wouldn't they?" said the lady. "Well, they'll have to take 'em in their fingers, for our crockery ha'n't come yet I shall have to jog Mr. Flatt's elbow but hungry folks ain't curious." "In their fingers, or any way, provided you have only a knife to cut them with," said Mr. Olmney, while Mrs.

"Nothing but our clothes and some food for our journey. If they were hungry, why did they not ask of us?" The man laughed. "These are not the kind that ask," he said, "they are the kind that take what they will and when they can." "I do not like them," said the Boy. "Their horses were beautiful, but their faces were hateful like a jackal that I saw in the gulley behind Nazareth one night.

Perhaps you are hungry. We left food there," and she indicated it. "Bring it here, and then perhaps you can take us back to the bungalow. The men there will organize a searching party if need be. But tell us who has caught Tom." The Loon did not answer for a minute. He looked to where Betty pointed, saw the packet of food and went toward it eagerly. Then he brought it to the moored boat.

For an hour the table stood on the floor, awaiting his return, but he came not. Then Mrs. Uhler gave her hungry, impatient little ones their suppers singularly enough, she had no appetite for food herself and sent them to bed. Never since her marriage had Mrs. Uhler spent so troubled an evening as that one proved to be.

They now agreed that the Poor Boy should watch the drove a whole year, and in payment receive the horse he himself should choose; but if he should lose the drove he was to give up his head to the witch. The old woman instantly stuck a pole in the ground and put the hero's hat on it. Then the youth ate something, that he might not go with the drove to the pasture hungry.

It was a pull of over two miles and over a pretty hard hill. Our courage held out until we reached the creek, but we were too hungry to fish; we turned homeward and fed upon the wild strawberries in the pastures and meadows we passed through and they kept us alive until we reached home. Oh, that youthful hunger beside the trout stream, was there ever anything else like it in the world!

"What we must think about now, is how to get out of this church," she went on, laughing faintly in the dark. "It seems as if we might have to stay here all the rest of our lives." "Are you hungry?" Nick inquired. "A little." In his enraged disgust at not being able to procure a meal, Nick would gladly have killed and cooked the owl. "Are you?" Angela asked. "Am I what?" "Hungry."

Indeed, the agony of having such an indiscreet remark addressed to him before the assembled family, was breakfast enough in itself, and would, without any other matter of reflection, have settled Mr Pinch's business and quenched his appetite, for one meal, though he had been never so hungry.

"Have you eaten all that I sent down to Lochias to-day, my dear Pontius?" "Alas! we have," sighed Pontius. "But I gave orders that a supper for five should be sent." "It sufficed for six hungry artists," answered the architect, "if only I could have guessed for whom the food was intended! And now what is to be done? There are wine and bread still in the hall of the Muses, meanwhile"

"All right," laughed Dolly; "we resign in your favour. I can tell you girls get hungry, too." So the girls sat around, and the boys quickly passed plates and napkins and then the dishes of delicious food. Then they served themselves, and sitting down by the girls, rapidly demolished the contents of their well-filled plates.