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It was not till this uncomfortable meal was over that Theo made any further communication about his own affairs. He was on his way to the door, whither his mother had followed him, when he turned round as if accidentally. "By the bye," he said, "I forgot to tell you. She will be here presently, mother. She wanted to lose no time in seeing you." "Lady Markland!" said Mrs.

But she would not let me go. She said that I must not be cruel to you that you loved me so dearly that to lose me would prove a death-blow. So I believed her, and, against my will, staid on." "I wish you had told me this," he said, slowly. She raised her eyes to his. "You would not let me speak, Norman. I tried so often, dear, but you would not let me."

If the free countries of Asia and Africa should fall to Soviet Russia, we would lose the sources of many of our most vital raw materials, including uranium, which is the basis of our atomic power. And Soviet command of the manpower of the free nations of Europe and Asia would confront us with military forces which we could never hope to equal.

Old Folkard, as well as Pierre and Long Sam, was of opinion that we should gain time by waiting, as we might otherwise lose our way, or lame our animals over the rocky tract we should have to pass.

And one Semple, a plain burgher of Dumfries, did best him at it or at least would have shamed him, but that he desired not to lose the custom of the Abbey."

"But when will you be asked for this deposition? Think of Florentin's sufferings during this time, of mamma's, and of mine. He may lose his head; he may kill himself. His spirit is not strong, nor is mamma's. How will they bear all that the newspapers will publish?" Saniel hesitated a moment. "Well, I will go," he said. "Not this evening, it is too late, but tomorrow."

Tell her I am ready. I will be at the West park-gates. This is why you wrote, Polly? Why did you lose time? Don't delay, my good girl! Come! Evan had opened the door. He would not allow Polly an instant for expostulation; but drew her out, saying, 'You will attend to the gates yourself. Or come and tell me the day, if she appoints another.

I'm sure I never suspected you of a forgery, and if I had, I hope I shouldn't have been rude enough to tell you so." Maxwell Davison laughed his harsh laugh. "Do you want me to believe you can't be rude, Mrs. Stewart?" "I'm almost afraid she can't be," interposed Lady Thomson's full voice. "People who make a superstition of politeness infallibly lose the higher courtesy of truth."

"Well, we made a wide circle a detower an' come up ag'in 'way behind th' village, an' right there th' Old Man made his great mistake. I ain't blamin' him none, but it sure shows how a big man c'n lose his head just by bein' crazy mad an' wantin' t' fight.

A little scene ensued, which, as Miss Bartlett said afterwards, was most unpleasant. The horses were stopped, the lovers were ordered to disentangle themselves, the boy was to lose his pourboire, the girl was immediately to get down. "She is my sister," said he, turning round on them with piteous eyes. Mr. Eager took the trouble to tell him that he was a liar.