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Ruffin had great enthusiasm for the marl or phosphate rock of the Carolina coast; but until the introduction in much later decades of a treatment by sulphuric acid this was too little soluble to be really worth while as a plant food. Lime was also praised; but there were no local sources of it in the districts where it was most needed.

He was wont to say of himself, that his property was derived solely from two sources agriculture and frugality; and, though this was neither very logical in thought nor strictly conformable to the truth, yet Cato was not unjustly regarded by his contemporaries and by posterity as the model of a Roman landlord.

The firman was an order to all Egyptian officials for assistance; the cook was dirty and incapable; and the interpreter was nearly ignorant of English, although a professed polyglot. With this small beginning, Africa was before me, and thus I commenced the search for the sources of the Nile. On arrival at Korosko, twenty-six days from Cairo, we started across the Nubian Desert.

There is not space, in this small volume, for pointing out the reasons for this anomalous condition of affairs, but the chief cause of its status, past and present, is grounded on two sources: The first of these is a brutal selfishness which has come over to modern times from a savage past; the second is a sort of pious prudery.

The residue is pure liquid oxygen. In other words, this apparatus will make money as a liquid air plant, and furnish you oxygen as a by-product. "It will also turn out nitrogen, for fertilizing purposes. The income from a full-sized machine, on this pattern, from all three sources, should be very large indeed." "Good," put in Waldron. "And liquid air, for example, would cost how much to produce?"

The Countries on the Danube To complete the sketch of the relations of Rome to the peoples of the north at this period, it remains that we cast a glance at the countries which stretch to the north of the Italian and Greek peninsulas, from the sources of the Rhine to the Black Sea.

The Patricians knew that the success of Cassius would make against them in two ways: it would strengthen the Plebeians, by lifting them out of the degradation consequent on poverty, and so render them more dangerous antagonists in political warfare; and it would render the Patricians less able to contend with aspiring foes, by taking from them one of the sources of their wealth.

Just as actual poison gradually penetrates and circulates through the whole system, corrupting the blood and affecting the very sources of life until it causes the destruction of the whole body, so does that mental poison, suspicion, extend its ravages in the soul which has received it.

From these sources we are able to present a fair abstract of what were the leading parts of Otis's speech. In the beginning he said: "May it please your Honors: "I was desired by one of the court to look into the books, and consider the question now before them concerning Writs of Assistance.

They all bent over the different maps they had, especially one which Rob had made up from all the sources of information he had. "Yes," said Rob, "it ought to be about sixty miles of pretty good water now until we get to the one place on this river which the boldest voyageur never tried to run the Cañon of the Rocky Mountains, as the very first travelers called it."