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But the cost of living in Paris was apparently as high sixty years ago as now. In 1856-7 he wrote to a friend: "How upon such an income I contrived to live and frequent Parisian salons without ever asking a farthing of any one, only those who have been poor can tell."

Cannot you be explicit, Maulevrier, and say what means the man has, whether an income or none? If you cannot tell me I must question Mr. Hammond himself. 'Pray do not do that, exclaimed her grandson urgently. 'Do not take all the flavour of romance out of Molly's love story, by going into pounds, shillings, and pence. She is very young. You would hardly wish her to marry immediately?

After forming in this passage several islands, this water is as broad before the city as the Y before Amsterdam, but the ebb and flood tides are stronger. There is a ferry for the purpose of crossing over it, which is farmed out by the year, and yields a good income, as it is a considerable thoroughfare, this island being one of the most populous places in this vicinity.

It was decided that the San Francisco relief plan should be placed into effect for the Ohio flood sufferers. Under this plan the relief was based upon property loss of the individual and the income loss incurred. The amount of relief each person received was prorated on such a basis.

Woodward had remained true to her weeds; for at the time of her husband's death she was a young and a very pretty woman; and an income of L400 a year, though moderate enough for all the wants of a gentleman's family, would no doubt have added sufficiently to her charms to have procured her a second alliance, had she been so minded. Twelve years, however, had now elapsed since Mr.

"Remembering their former laws, they used to offer to meet a charge of fraud by the proof of their oath, and could not imagine that such a guarantee could be repulsed. When they were independent they paid almost nothing, and such was the national spirit, that in urgent cases when money was wanted the senate taxed every citizen a certain proportion of his income, the tenth or twentieth.

"They have about a hundred regular customers," said Dick, "and they sell another hundred papers besides." It seemed to me the boys must have exaggerated because eight dollars a week was pretty nearly the pay of an able-bodied man. It didn't seem possible that these youngsters whom I'd pitied all my life could earn such an income.

"You are very kind for coming, indeed, Sir Marmaduke; very kind. I thought I might explain something to you about my income." "Can you tell me that you have any permanent income?" "It goes on regularly from month to month;" Sir Marmaduke did not feel the slightest respect for an income that was paid monthly.

Other men and women own for a living. Workers are in most cases the humble people of the community. They do not live in the finest homes, eat the best food, wear the most elaborate clothing, or read, travel and enjoy the most of life. The owners as a rule are the well-to-do part of the community. They derive much of all of their income from investments.

I must confess that the income of eighty pounds has somewhat baffled me, and the others are not so exact as I could wish; for the price of washing varies largely in foreign countries, and the different cokes, coals, and firewoods fluctuate surprisingly.