I believe that the last time I heard the story, it was calmly stated that thirty million dollars was taken. When I was out West, last time, I got off the train at Santa , and when gunning through the baggage for my kiester, I saw a trunk, bearing on its end this legend: "MRS. JOS. HOGG."

No one who has not given the matter special consideration has the remotest idea of the magnitude and importance of the railroad system of the United States. Nor has any one who has not studied the statistics bearing on the question the faintest conception of the cost of the roads built and in operation. The cost in dollars and cents for a mile of track has been ascertained to a fractional point.

Bella met them one night in the cars and had them come up to the house. She did all that she could for them, and employed him every time she had a tea or needed music. He played well and was glad to get his little three dollars. I know that Bella always sent home a box of refreshments to the mother." "Well, I shall persuade them to go back wid me, and they'll have enough then, I'm thinkin'." "Mr.

Belcher had publicly assumed responsibility for him. No more meetings were held in any of the churches of Sevenoaks that day. The ministers came to perform the services of the afternoon, and, finding their pews empty, went home. A reward of one hundred dollars, offered by Mr.

One of these owed his master ten thousand talents. If these were talents of silver they would amount to more than fifteen millions of dollars. If they were talents of gold, they would amount to three hundred millions. This would show that his debt was so great that he never could pay it. Then his master freely forgave him.

When are you going to have supper?" "In an hour." "How much property did the old man leave?" "The estate is probably fully up to one hundred thousand dollars. This place is worth fifteen thousand. The rest is in good interest-paying stocks and bonds." "And a third belongs to you! I say, mother, you've feathered your nest well. I guess I'll go out and take a look round."

She was besides well furnished with small arms, and was provided with boarding nettings. The treasure she contained amounted to nearly a million and a half of dollars.

But, you see, he has a fortune which, as yet, he has never been able to handle for himself; and I do it for him. We are partners, and, though you mightn't think it, he has got more money now than when he put his dollars at my disposal to help me make a few millions at a critical time." Lady Lawless let her fan touch Mr. Vandewaters's arm. "I am going to do you a great favour.

Now, Le, your father wants money just as badly as my mother does; and we will lend the seventeen hundred and ninety-six dollars to him, taking his note on interest, just as Mr. Hamilton would give it. But I would rather give you five hundred of the money." "You can't give me a dollar; but if you will lend some of the money to my father, I should like it first rate."

They had been taken away forcibly by the Moor, Rais Mourad, from whom he now claimed them. Rais Mourad was now called upon to answer the accusation. The question was put: why he retained possession of another man's property? In reply, he stated that he had purchased the slaves from two Arab merchants, and had paid for them on the spot, giving one hundred and fifty silver dollars for each.