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He therefore proceeded, as soon as he could get breath: "Besides, the assistant's place belongs naturally to young Millard, and he would have influence enough to defeat anybody else who might be proposed. He is a good fellow, but he can't take responsibility.

Archie had planned to leave for the Canadian Rockies two days later, but as no urgent business called him in that direction, he obligingly agreed to take a look at the Bailey Harbor house that had been placed so providentially within reach of his sister. "The owner belongs to that old New England Congdon family," Mrs.

This daughter will study the ethics of the period of engagement and will not abuse or destroy the mysterious charm which belongs alone to the early period of wife-hood. A girl should be taught the duties of married life; to fulfil the beautiful aim of motherhood should be her ambition and her daily prayer. Boys, also, get their estimate of colored womanhood from their mothers.

True; and it is well that the growing son should do something for himself. While the father does all for him, the son's labor belongs to the father. Then comes a middle state in which the son does much for himself, but not all. In that middle state now stand our prosperous colonies.

With one, the language of religion was all too wide; with the other, all too narrow, for its real signification. Arnold belongs to the first, Patmore to the last of those three stages of religious thought of which Mr.

All this, however, belongs to the history of Europe in modern times, and will be found in the history of Germany, since there were many struggles between the Popes and Emperors.

Duncan Macwheeble, is the fourth on our list. There is a question, owing to the incertitude of ancient orthography, whether he belongs to the clan of Wheedle or of Quibble, but both have produced persons eminent in the law. As such he described them by person and name, They enter'd, and dinner was served as they came.

A question that had been in Fleda's mind before, but which she had patiently forborne just then to ask. "No, indeed!" said Mrs. Rossitur, pressing Fleda more closely, and kissing in a kind of rapture the sweet, thoughtful face "not yours, my darling; they can't touch anything that belongs to you I wish it was more and I don't suppose they will take anything of mine either."

Voltaire belongs to that flimsier, more artificial, classical tradition, which Winckelmann was one day to supplant, by the clear ring, the eternal outline of the genuine antique. But it proves the authority of such a gift as Voltaire's that it allures and wins even those born to supplant it.

"She isn't, and that's the reason I am trying to sell it." "I mean, I didn't think she was ever rich enough." "I'll explain it," said Paul. "The ring was found some time since in Central Park. As no owner has ever appeared, though we advertised it, we consider that it belongs to us." "How much is it worth?" "Mr. Tiffany offered two hundred and fifty dollars for it."