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This induced the Pope to put all Rome under the interdict, with a view to force the expulsion of Arnold and his party. This means did not fail of its effect. The people who could not bear the suspension of divine worship, now themselves compelled the nobles to bring about the ejection of Arnold and his friends. Arnold, on leaving Rome, found protection from Italian nobles.

Marguerite could ill conceal her disgust as she met the weak-minded and, to her, contemptible young man, on the week following. It was at a brilliant assemblage, under the patronage of Mrs. Montague Arnold. Never was maiden more becomingly attired, for despite her friends' entreaties, Marguerite's taste was simplicity, indeed.

"Professor Arnold?" repeated Woodward. "I don't know any Professor Arnold. Well, show him in, anyhow." The orderly ushered in a well-dressed man with a dark, heavy beard and large horn spectacles. Woodward eyed him curiously and a bit suspiciously, as the stranger seated himself and made a few remarks. The moment the orderly left the room, however, the professor lowered his voice to a whisper.

Matthew Arnold ventured to remark to Sainte-Beuve that he could not consider Lamartine as a very important poet, Sainte-Beuve replied: "He was important to us."

The information I have now received justifies me in despatching you at once. The letter of Arnold to Schuyler and some of those he addressed to residents of this city, especially one, yes, one" and here, for a moment, the Governor got very excited "have revealed his whole plans to me. To horse then and away for King and country." Hardinge bowed and walked to the door.

Sommerville, nosing about in his usual five-o'clock quest, heard her and came across the stretch of sunny lawn to investigate. "Oh, here's tea!" he remarked on seeing Arnold, lounging, white-flanneled, over his cup.

"In a fire that nearly burnt Arnold Baxter to death. I want the doctor for him." And then Dick had to tell the particulars of how he had run across the cottage in the woods and of what had followed. "And Dan Baxter is here!" ejaculated Tom. "It doesn't seem possible." "He ought to be locked up," put in Sam. It was decided by Mr.

And you in your cell, how should you find out? That is why I must tell you, because, though I am a woman, you are a priest. Partly for that reason I may speak, partly because I love you, Stephen Arnold, better and more ardently than you can ever love me, or anybody, I think, except perhaps your God. And I am tired of keeping silence."

You will be at the opera to-night? I must say I like opera-music better than this wild German stuff that sets one's brain whirling!" "Heels, too, I should say," said her companion; and they took their leave with the rest. The next afternoon Arnold was sitting in his room with the windows open. It was an early spring day, when the outer air was breathing of summer.

"Evidently a dangerous customer. But you say that you found him dead. Who killed him?" "There was no one there who could say," Arnold declared. "There were no servants in that part of the house, there had been no visitors, and Mr. Weatherley had been in bed since half-past nine. We telephoned for a doctor, and we fetched Mr. Weatherley out of bed. Then a strange thing happened. We took Mr.

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