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He has done so much for me, and I did not think I was doing wrong in allowing him to live a few hours longer, that he might. . . ." "That is enough," said the king breathing freely. "This once your disobedience shall go unpunished, and the treasurer may give you two talents, as you have so many children.

They both waited on either side, and Peter could hear heavy thick breathing. He caught the knocker again and let it go with a clang that seemed to startle the house to its foundations. Then he heard bolts, very slowly drawn back, again a pause and then, stealthily the door swung open.

An hour later, when she was beginning to count every beat of the old man's pulse, and look forward with dread to a midnight vigil beside that breathing corpse, the doctor came. Agatha waited for his dictum it needed very little skill to decide that. A few questions a shake of the head a solemn condolatory sigh; and all knew that the old Squire's days were numbered. "How long?" whispered Mrs.

The tests hitherto used were thus clearly shown to be insufficient for detecting the disease, until the tubercles had assumed a size and virulence sufficient to affect the breathing, until, in fact, the malady was too often beyond cure. After some time and many experiments, most efficacious means were discovered for detecting and curing this dreadful disease while still in its incipient state.

So it was with a sense of freedom and grateful appreciation that she pursued her way, breathing in the pure and refreshing air, basking in the genial sunshine and feasting her eyes upon the loveliness all around her; but thinking, thinking with a strange feeling of awe deep down in her heart. She had just passed the entrance to the grounds of the seminary, when she saw her brother, Dr.

I recollected at this moment the passage in Akenside's "Pleasures of the Imagination" describing the early delight the imagination takes in horrors: the children closing round the village matron, who suspends the infant audience with her tales breathing astonishment; and I recited all I recollected of

It is in the famous case of 'Philescos who lived by the wall and who took to his bed on the first day of acute fever'. About the middle of the sixth day he died and the physician notes that 'the respiration throughout was like that of a person recollecting himself and was large and rare'. Cheyne-Stokes breathing is admirably described as 'that of a person recollecting himself'. Col.

There seemed to come over her, too, a new sense of gratitude for the nearness of this sentient and mysterious life, of this living and breathing man, that could both command and satisfy some even more mysterious emotional hunger in her own heart. "Yes," she answered, as she laughed a little, almost contentedly; "we're like the glass snake.

I hoisted my little flag on the tent, and they hurried on to me. I did not know the tribe they had come from near Hudson's Bay. They spoke Chinook, and I could understand them. Well, as they came near I saw that they had a woman with them." Bagot leaned forward, his body strained, every muscle tense. "A woman?" he said, as if breathing gave him sorrow "my wife?" "Your wife." "Quick! Quick!

There was not a shade or a line of that face he didn't know. And after a while she appeared upon his canvas, breathing, immensely alive, with the inmost spirit of her informing her gray-green eyes, her virginal mouth, her candid and thoughtful brow. There she stood, Anne as Peter Champneys knew and loved her. He had done great work in his time. But this was painted with the blood of his heart.