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Sir Charles halted on his side of the boundary. Then Wheeler told his man to beat, and up got the cock pheasants, one after another. Whenever a pheasant whirred up the man left off beating. The lawyer knocked down four brace in no time, and those that escaped him and turned back for the wood were brought down by Bassett, firing from the hard road.

But God a worm sent early the next day, Which smote the gourd; it withered away: And when the sun arose, it came to pass, That God a vehement east wind did raise; Besides the sun did beat upon his head, So that he fainted, saying, Would I were dead, For it is better for me now to die, Than thus to lead my life in misery.

Her heart beat violently, her head throbbed, her voice was broken as she said: "Man, I will give you one more chance! Oh, man, pity yourself as I pity you, and consent to leave me!" "Ha, ha, ha! It is quite likely that I will! Isn't it, now? No, my duck, I haven't watched and planned for this chance for this long time past to give it up, now that you are in my power! A likely story indeed!

We changed, and I had not made up my mind, and still reflected for my comfort that it would be quite practicable to get down and walk back, when we changed again. And while I was occupied with these deliberations, I would fancy an exact resemblance to Joe in some man coming along the road towards us, and my heart would beat high. As if he could possibly be there!

He went to the front door, and, opening it, let in a tornado of wind and flood of water that beat him back; sheets of rain blew in horizontally, in spite of the porch beyond. Briscoe followed him. "Don't be a fool, Lige," he said. "You hardly expect to go out in that." Lige shook his head; it needed them both to get the door closed.

I heard instead Etta's cry to Kitty and to me: "In God's name, can't somebody do something to make good women understand!" It is these words that beat into my brain at night; these and the words I did not speak in time and which, on the next day, were too late. The note she sent Selwyn also keeps me awake. "I am going," she wrote, "so the thought of me will not make you afraid.

They came first, in earlier days, like foam flashing on dark, silent waters, bits of stern, dark womanhood here and there tossed almost carelessly aloft to the world's notice. First and naturally they assumed the panoply of the ancient African mother of men, strong and black, whose very nature beat back the wilderness of oppression and contempt.

What is a brass knocker to them but a lion's head, or what not? and a thorn-tree with pool beside it, but a pool in which a thorn and a jackass are reflected? But you remember how once upon a time your heart used to beat, as you beat on that brass knocker, and whose eyes looked from the window above.

Contrasting colours heighten each other by being juxtaposed; it is the same with contrasting lives. Reaching the opposite side of the park there appeared before her for the third time that little old man, the foot-post. As the turnpike- road ran, the postman's beat was twelve miles a day; six miles out from the town, and six miles back at night.

He asked himself where he had seen them before, when suddenly he recognized a movement of her hand; it was his wife, his wife with Limousin and his child, his little George. His heart beat as if it would suffocate him, but he did not stop, for he wished to see them, and he followed them. They looked like a family of the better middle class.