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They were drifting towards the line extraordinarily fast, and Thirlwell felt his nerves tingle as he tried to brace himself. There was ground for being daunted, but he thought he would not have felt much disturbed had Driscoll not looked afraid. Then Scott, kneeling in the bow, turned, and after a quick glance at Driscoll said, "Keep as cool as you can, partner.

'Cargrim, Cargrim, repeated Brace, angrily, 'he is a bad lot. 'That is what I say, Sir Harry. He is one who spreads a snare, and I wish him to be taken in it himself. 'Yet Cargrim is your employer, and pays you, sneered Sir Harry. 'You are wrong, replied Baltic, quietly. 'I do not take payment for my work. 'How do you live then? You were not independent when I knew you.

"There is not a girl of the clan, or in the neighbourhood, for whom my brother would not have done the same." said Ian. "You're a brace of woodcocks!" cried Sercombe. "It's well you're not out in the world. You would be in hot water from morning to night! I can't think how the devil you get on at all!" "Get on! Where?" asked Ian with a smile. "Come now! You ain't such fools as you want to look!

Well, sir, if there'd been a brass band to bust out some music, then, it would 'a' been just the perfectest thing I ever see, and Tom Sawyer he said the same. Then the sheriff he nabbed Brace Dunlap and his crowd, and by and by next month the judge had them up for trial and jailed the whole lot.

Briscoe went to it at once; he gave his double gun to the nearest man to hold, and then, seizing one of the stones with which the horizontal oven-like hole had been filled, he shook it loose and dragged it out to stand in the attitude of lowering the heavy block to the ground. "No," said Brace; "let me." Brace uttered a warning cry.

The sentry, who had spun round on his heel again, seemed about to speak: his voice expired before it came out of his mouth: he saluted, spun round again and followed the rest out of the room. When the place was cleared I pulled my left brace out of the armhole of my waistcoat and displayed the silver star. The fat man sprang up.

Neuter Classes. For gelded cats. Kitten Classes. Single entries over three and under eight months. Kitten Brace. Kittens of any age. Brace. For two cats of any age. Team. For three or more cats, any age. In Paris, although cats have not been commonly appreciated as in England, there is an increasing interest in them, and cat shows are now a regular feature of the Jardin d'Acclimation.

But it is sometimes the case that he, who makes a thousand small revolts, cannot brace himself to one great one. The endless strife itself strengthens the bonds, in that it saps the strength. He deteriorated. This married life, wearing in every way, together with the hard work, resulted in his not being equal to more than just the necessities of the day.

I say, aren't we carrying too much sail?" "Not a bit," said Lynton. "Look, I can ease off in a moment. See?" "Yes," said Brace, as, with a touch at the tiller, the boat grew more level instead of careening over as she ran; "that's right."

What are you thinking of? We shall be late." In spite of his weakness, the wounded man hurriedly urged Brace forward, until they reached the latter's lodgings. To his surprise, the horse and buggy were already before the door. "Then you reckoned to go, any way?" said Dunn, with a searching look at his companion.