"I'll go with you to Happy Valley, Tip," I said, rising and turning to the door. "You hitch the gray colt in the buggy and " "We are goin' to ride," cried Tip. He had always made his flights afoot before that, and the prospect of an easy journey caused him to smile. "Do you think I'll walk?" I growled.

But the sudden shadow of a coyote checked the scouring feet of this swift Camilla, and sent her back precipitately to the buggy. Nevertheless, she was refreshed and able to pursue her journey, until the cold gray of early morning found her at the end of her second stage.

John Hunter had been restless and half angry when he had first come home from Mitchell County a thing he had not let Elizabeth see but his feelings had been soothed and delighted by the display of her preference for him on his return. A new buggy had been purchased, and it was John Hunter's pride. Elizabeth was unconscious of any rivalry. The new buggy was a great acquisition.

She got into the buggy and rode home with us, holding me in her lap. Uncle Peabody and one of our neighbors had been out in the woods all night with pine torches. I recall how, although excited by my return, he took off his hat at the sight of my new friend and said: "Mr. Wright, I never wished that I lived in a palace until now."

As he was about to lead her out he suddenly remembered that one of the traces had broken that morning and Captain Zelotes had left it at the harness-maker's to be mended. It was there yet. The captain had forgotten the fact, and so had he. That settled the idea of using Jessamine and the buggy. Never mind, it was a beautiful night and the walk was but little over a mile.

He fumbled in his vest pocket. "Where is Rosalie?" "Here I am, Monsieur Vulfran." He held out a ten cent piece. "This is for you," he said. "Oh, thank you, Monsieur Vulfran," said Rosalie, taking the money with a smile. The buggy went off. Perrine had not lost a word of what had been said, but what impressed her more than the actual words was the tone of authority in which they had been spoken.

Robinson said when the minister told him his mother-in-law would ride in the same buggy with him at his wife's funeral." "I can't see how any speech of Mr. Robinson's, made years an' years ago, can have anything to do with wearin' your turban down to Union," said Miranda, settling the lap robe over her knees.

Much more prosaic were my cogitations as I followed the buggy, keeping both switches at work. According to the best calculation I could make, I had ten or twelve miles of country to re-cross, besides the river; and, having no base on the Victorian side, it was a thousand to one against striking my camp on such a night. Of course, I might have groped my way to B 's place; but if you knew Mrs.

That's an American habit I don't mean to get rid of, Mr. Rattar." Mr. Rattar nodded his approval. "Certainly not," said he. "I've put down my car," his visitor continued. "Drive a buggy now beg its pardon, a trap, and a devilish nice little mare I've got in her too. In fact, there are plenty of consolations for whatever you have to do in this world.

''Fraid Bill ain't much of a jockey, said David, smiling. 'Got a grand appetite that hoss has, said Tip Taylor. After breakfast Uncle Eb and I hitched him to the light buggy and touched him up for a short journey down the road. In five minutes he had begun to heave and whistle. I felt sure one could have heard him half a mile away. Uncle Eb stopped him and began to laugh.