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"Now, come with me," whispered my companion in the same deep voice, "for time has no existence here, and that which I would show you is already there!" We trod gently and silently over the soft pine needles. Already the sun was high over our heads, and the shadows of the trees coiled closely about their feet.

Much of its course is through swamps, though in some places the pine barrens and live-oak hummocks approach its banks. It contains immense quantities of fish, pike, bass, and perch. In the first hummock which we reached the colonel shot a buck, and I got two young turkeys from a flock.

All this the Innocent delivered rapidly, while Piney a stout, comely damsel of fifteen emerged from behind the pine- tree, where she had been blushing unseen, and rode to the side of her lover. Mr. Oakhurst seldom troubled himself with sentiment, still less with propriety; but he had a vague idea that the situation was not felicitous.

Assuredly the nights had their charm, whether they were spent by some great camp-fire on the winding Lachlan, in the darkness of a pine forest in British Columbia, or on the fo'c'sle-head of a ship upon the sea; and yet the night was the night, the prelude to sleep, and not to activity, the chief joy of man.

'I know, I said, and I saw again the picture of the old man under the pine, upon his knees in the snow, with his face turned up to the stars. 'Whatever it was, it was in his mind at the very last, and I can never forget his face as he turned it to Craig.

Roderic, finding that he could not easily dislodge the piece of meat from betwixt his teeth, picked up a twig of pine wood from the hearth, and took from the table the large knife with which his brother had carved the venison, and as he began to sharpen the little twig to a point he continued: "No roasted beef there nor venison, but good tough whale flesh, black as a peat, or else a few candle ends for the Icelanders are fond of fat.

Has my father been with you?" "Yes, he has." "My poor father! But it is of no avail. It would be wrong, and I will not do it. If I am to die, I must die. If I am to live, let me live. I shall not die certainly because I have resolved to send this fine lover away. However weak Marion Fay may be, she is strong enough not to pine for that." "If there be no need?" "No need?

The scrub-pine one sees along the railroads between New York and Philadelphia has rather stubby cones, while the pitch-pine, beloved of the fireplace for its "light-knots," has a somewhat pear-shaped and gracefully disposed cone. A most peculiar cone is that of a variety of the Norway pine, which, among other species brought from Europe, is valued for ornament.

There was not a breath in the air around them as those two sauntered slowly side by side in the pine wood, not a cloud in the dazzling blue sky above; and for a little time they too were silent, as if bound by a spell which neither dared to break. Then at last Hammond spoke. 'Lesbia, you know that I love you, he began, in his low, grave voice, tremulous with feeling.

It was making time now against the slow climb later, the four horses racing, the reins loose on their backs. There was only one passenger; the others had been dropped at towns along the route. He sat on the front seat beside Jim Bailey the driver, his feet on a pine box and a rifle across his knees.