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SUPPER Roast beef Potato salad Lemon cake Bread and jam Cocoa BREAKFAST Oatmeal and milk Fried bacon Wheatcakes and syrup Bread and jam Coffee DINNER Steaks Creamed potatoes Cabbage, fried Bread and butter Peach pudding Coffee SUPPER Beef stew Fried cakes Bread and butter Tea BREAKFAST Oatmeal and milk Fried bacon Bread and jam Coffee

It is difficult to conceive how these small craft remain tied together in passing the rapids. Many fugitives from the villages of the Casanare and the Apure have joined the Guahibos, and taught them the practice of eating beef, and preparing hides.

Stelling was a broad-chested, healthy man, with the bearing of a gentleman, a conviction that a growing boy required a sufficiency of beef, and a certain hearty kindness in him that made him like to see Tom looking well and enjoying his dinner; not a man of refined conscience, or with any deep sense of the infinite issues belonging to every-day duties, not quite competent to his high offices; but incompetent gentlemen must live, and without private fortune it is difficult to see how they could all live genteelly if they had nothing to do with education or government.

He told her, one after the other, the people he had met, the villages where he had been, the prescriptions he had written, and, well pleased with himself, he finished the remainder of the boiled beef and onions, picked pieces off the cheese, munched an apple, emptied his water-bottle, and then went to bed, and lay on his back and snored.

We took our lunch on some flat rocks, near a place known on the road as "six-mile shanty;" not without difficulty, as the dogs, like ourselves, were hungry, and, while we were in chase of a refractory umbrella carried away by the wind, one dog demolished the butter and another ran off with our roast beef; and when we reflected that it was the last fresh meat we were likely to taste for months, we saw it depart with regret, even though the ham had been left us.

Juxon beef tea and brandy every quarter of an hour. Good-night, Mr. " he turned to John. "Short," said John. "Good-night, doctor." "Ah I remember used to be with Mr. Ambrose yes. Delighted to meet you again, Mr. Short good-night." The doctor vanished, before either the squire or John had time to follow him. His departure left an unpleasant sense of renewed responsibility in the squire's mind.

The beef of the wild buffalo-cow is far superior to that of domestic cattle, but the "tit-bits" of the same animal are luxuries never to be forgotten. Whether it be that a prairie appetite lends something to the relish is a question.

After wiping the skin dry, dust the affected parts with common cornstarch. Useful Dietetic Recipes. OATMEAL GRUEL. Stir two tablespoonfuls of coarse oatmeal into a quart of boiling water, and let it simmer two hours. Strain, if preferred. BEEF TEA AND OATMEAL. Beat two tablespoonfuls of fine oatmeal, with two tablespoonfuls of cold water until very smooth, then add a pint of hot beef tea.

Mortimer told them that on Christmas-day they were to come to his house, to have some beef and plum-pudding, all the little happy countenances shone with delight. 'And now run on, and get home, said Mr. Mortimer: 'for your parents will be waiting for you at their dinners.

The chopsticks are of very cheap wood, and fresh ones are used at nearly every meal. The diet also is much more varied than in either of the neighbouring countries, and game, venison, raw fish, beef, pork, fowls, eggs, and sea-weed are much appreciated.