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Helene instinctively drew back, but a warning glance from Shirley plunged her into her assumed character, and she greeted the other girl with the quasi-comradeship of their class. "Oh, yes, dear. Grimsby was a little poisoned by the salad or something like that: he was actually disagreeable with me, of all people in the world. But, I have so many friends that Grimsby does not give me any worry.

So to-day I am obliged to write without epistolary circumlocution. I feel for the misfortune which has overtaken you, but, my dearest, I can do no more than pity you. And this is why: Hochon, at eighty-five years of age, takes four meals a day, eats a salad with hard-boiled eggs every night, and frisks about like a rabbit.

A thousand thunders! A salad is not a salad without astragon. Come, be quick, the lantern! I know where the bed is in the garden." "Ah, monsieur Tanrade! To think I should have forgotten it!" sighed the little maid. "If monsieur will only let me hold the lantern for him!" "There, there! Never mind! See, you are forgiven. Attend to your lobster. Quick, your soup is boiling over!"

Thin to the consistency of good mayonnaise, with vinegar. At serving time mix the potato blocks and one can of drained peas with the dressing, being very careful not to break them. Dish on lettuce leaves, and garnish with chopped red beets, or, better, chopped celery. This is an excellent cheap salad, and will serve fifteen persons. Remove the bone, skin and oil from two pound cans of salmon.

Well, have you made the plans for today? They went into the house to breakfast. She watched him helping himself to the scarlet and green salad. 'Mrs Curtiss, she said, in rather reedy tone, 'has been very motherly to me this morning; oh, very motherly! Siegmund, who was in a warm, gay mood, shrank up. 'What, has she been saying something about last night? he asked.

"A very reasonable and judicious precaution," the Prince remarked with glittering eyes. "Only if the poison was indeed of such a nature that it was not possible to trace it nothing worse than suspicion could ever be the lot of any one." Mr. Sabin helped himself carefully to salad, and resumed the discussion with his next course. "Perhaps not," he admitted.

"I've only been doing my duty, sir," inserted Sago, drawing the salad spoon through his hand very much as a Samurai would have drawn a sword. "Ellen she I mean her didn't " "Never mind, never mind," groaned Mr. Hamshaw, at bay. "You may both go. I fire I discharge both of you! I'm sure, Mr. Goodrich, you will overlook this unfortunate " "Discharge me, sor?" half shrieked Ellen.

Thought it was my old friend here by the description. Came off instantly: just at dinner cold lamb and salad. 'Mrs. Perkins, says I, 'if any one calls for me, I shall be at No. 4, Prospect Place. Your servant observed the address, sir. Oh, very sharp fellow! See how the old gentleman takes to his dog fine little dog what a stump of a tail! Deal of practice expect two accouchements every hour.

Of the amiability which she had exhibited when discussing this unhappy chump's activities with me over the fruit salad, no trace remained, and I was not surprised that speech more or less froze on the Fink-Nottle lips.

A woman is supposed to know when a man is in love with her. Do you think she does?" Ann Veronica picked among her salad with a judicial expression of face. "I think she would," she decided. "Ah!" said Ramage, impressively.

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