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It was true, to some extent even then, and it has been increasingly true since, that the statesman was often an ally of the salesman; and represented not only a nation of shopkeepers, but one particular shop. But in Gladstone's time, even if this was true, it was never the whole truth; and no one would have endured it being the admitted truth.

"'He that observeth the wind shall not sow, so the Preacher said; but his words will not be to the point any more. How things change!" "Ay; ay....It must be so!" Donald admitted, his gaze fixing itself on a blank point far away. "But the machines are already very common in the East and North of England," he added apologetically.

This shows that the system was framed to advance the interest and gratify the wishes of the servant quite as much as those of the master. V. SERVANTS WERE ADMITTED INTO COVENANT WITH GOD. Deut. xxix. 10-13. VI. THEY WERE GUESTS AT ALL NATIONAL AND FAMILY FESTIVALS Ex. xii. 43-44; Deut xii. 12, 18, xvi. 10-16.

The sentry stationed at the northwest face of the post admitted having seen "a rig from town" making wide circuit clear around behind the fort on the westward "bench," which was swept almost clean of snow. It had kept well out beyond hailing distance, stood a moment or two up at the edge of the bluff, then whirled about and went the way it came. What hour was this?

At the same time it must be admitted that until some considerable fund of information concerning these early days of painting is brought to light, there is very little to be said about any one except Holbein till almost the end of the sixteenth century. That Holbein was "a wonderful artist," as More wrote to Erasmus, is not to be denied.

Ladies were admitted to the galleries, but gentlemen only were seated at the tables, and among the guests were many of the most prominent bankers and merchants of Germany, including capitalists who had been the first in Europe to invest in the war-loans offered by our government. The dinner lasted three hours.

We must allow, that the thought of becoming at some time a member of the firm, wherein he had received his mercantile education, had passed before through the mind of Pownal, but the conditions upon which he was now admitted were favorable beyond his most sanguine expectations.

The romantic young nobleman of Westphalia arrives at Paris, and is admitted into what a celebrated female author calls la creme de la creme de la haute volee of Parisian society. He is a youth of about twenty years of age.

"We'd lots of us read it in manuscript long ago." Edward Henry was somewhat dashed by this information. "Well, what do you think of it?" "I think it's just splendid!" said she with enthusiasm. "And will it be any worse a play because you act a small part in it?" "No," she said shortly. "I expect you think it's a play that people ought to go and see, don't you?" "I do, Mr. Socrates," she admitted.

"And if they'd only come out flat in the beginning and admitted: 'Sure, it's a fight we know that a finish fight between women like you and women like us, I could have liked 'em for it. If they'd said: 'We want these things, so do you, and only men can buy 'em take 'em if you can, that woulda been all right with me. But did they? You know the answer.