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Sir, he had, upon the alledgeance foresaid, been transported, at Lochiel's desire, to France, to gratify the M'Martins, and upon his return home, about five years ago, married: But now he is so much theatened by the M'Martins, that he is not secure enough to stay where he is, being Ardmurchan, which occasions this trouble to you.

The Cape government, as already observed, in order to gratify a company of independent Boers, whose well-known predilection for the practice of slavery caused them to stipulate that a number of peaceable, honest tribes should be kept defenseless, agreed to allow free trade in arms and ammunition to the Boers, and prevent the same trade to the Bechuanas.

My regiment having at last been relieved at the guns and moved over to the heights above this ravine for no obvious purpose, I obtained leave to go down into the valley of death and gratify a reprehensible curiosity. Forbidding enough it was in every way. The fire had swept every superficial foot of it, and at every step I sank into ashes to the ankle.

Certain coquettish women are capable of following a plan of this kind for seven years in order to gratify their fancies later; but to suppose any such reservations in the Marquise de Listomere would be to calumniate her. I have had the happiness of knowing this phoenix. She talks well; I know how to listen; consequently I please her, and I go to her parties.

He had not the least objection to gratify them in that way: his uniform was very advantageous to his figure. The old squire, before sitting down, walked round the hall to greet the tenants and make polite speeches to the wives: he was always polite; but the farmers had found out, after long puzzling, that this polish was one of the signs of hardness.

"Since she must, and apparently will gratify this low taste, can you not return to New York, patch up the fellow into some sort of respectability and marry them with a blare of brazen instruments that will drown the world's unpleasant remarks?" "That would be better than the scandal of an elopement," mused perplexed Mrs. Mayhew.

"Dear lady, Mrs. Berners and myself do but gratify our own tastes in trying to serve you; for it will be a great happiness to us if we succeed in doing so," replied Lyon Berners, with a look and tone that proved his perfect sincerity and earnestness.

Nature, and the writings of learned men, who from time to time have commented on all that has happened in nature, certainly afford sufficient matter to gratify the most enquiring mind, without descending to such mean trifling inquisitions, as can no way improve itself, and may be of prejudice to others.

"Such is my wish, your majesty." "Well, my child, since you desire it, I consent; but I do it unwillingly. I wish to prove to my son how gladly I gratify him, when I can do so without conflicting with my duties as a sovereign." The emperor bowed, but spoke not a word. Maria Theresa sighed again, and an expression of deep pain crossed her face. "When do you expect to start?" said she, sadly.

Tompkins spoke seriously, and his brow contracted. "You built this beautiful house to gratify me." "True and by doing so have set myself half crazy." "Mr. Tompkins, I don't understand you. You are in a strange mood this evening." "And so would you be in a strange mood, if you had suffered as much as I have during the day." "Suffered! What have you suffered about?" "Because I built this house."