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She looked better now than on her first arrival in the neighbourhood, less haggard, a little plumper, but as he compared her dulled and faded beauty with Toni's youthful bloom he wondered, not for the first time, if her companionship were altogether innocuous. He was still puzzling over the question when he re-entered Toni's room; and his first words showed her what was in his mind.

A branch swept his cap back from his forehead and Philip saw now that his face was white and staring. And in that instant as he glanced at the horrified face of the Houdanian, Philip knew. The stained skin, the smooth-shaven chin and lip of the minstrel if Themar had found them puzzling, the revealment had come to him, as it had come to Philip, in a flash of bewilderment.

She paused her eyes on Roy, who had lost his own puzzling sensations in the clash of the fight and its chivalrous climax. "Oh, I love it," he said. "Is that all?" "No, there is more." "Is it sad?" She shook her head at him smiling. "Yes, Roy. It is sad." He wrinkled his forehead. "Oh dear! I like it to end the nice way." "But I am not making tales, Sonling. I am telling history."

Nevertheless in a day or two she had reached a point when she was bubbling over with curiosity and excitement; she felt that she could not go on sitting opposite Major Duplay at meals without giving him at least a hint or two of the wonderful state of things on which she had hit, and without asking him to consider the facts and to have a look at the books which were so puzzling and exercising her brain.

Winston did not immediately reply, puzzling his confused mind in a wholly useless attempt at recalling his ever having heard this man's name before. But Farnham, placed completely at his ease regarding possible recognition, proceeded coolly. "Yet, that does not sufficiently account for my inviting you here." And he leaned farther across the table, slightly lowering his voice.

They splashed about gaily, and as they raised jewel-like spray with their feet they kept up a conversation. "How puzzling it all is!" said Elena, the younger sister. "No one knows where his income comes from, what he does in his house, and why he has this colony of children. There are all sorts of strange rumours about him. It's certainly a mystery."

The people that we met, however, received us in a very puzzling fashion, coming round our cages to look at us, as if we were so many wild animals, and roaring with laughter at our appearance; even the very babies crowing with merriment on our being pointed out to them by their fond parents, much to Ned's disgust, although I joined in with their hilarity, it was really so hearty and catching!

"That seems hardly possible," interrupted Phil. "The authorities were sure they had the right men or they would never have given us the reward." The entire matter was very puzzling to the boys, when Nate, who was always on the job, broke in with a suggestion. "Why don't you fellows telephone down to 'Moose Boone' and ask him if the tramps got away."

What breaks the human race up into fragments so unlike one another, and yet each in its interior so monotonous? The question is most puzzling, though the fact is so familiar, and I would not venture to say that I can answer it completely, though I can advance some considerations which, as it seems to me, go a certain way towards answering it.

A party-coloured community of many tribes and many usages is more likely to get on, and help itself, than a nation of a single lineage and one monotonous rule. I say 'at first, because I apprehend that in this case, as in so many others in the puzzling history of progress, the very institutions which most aid at step number one are precisely those which most impede at step number two.

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