Then I softened down, and laughed a little, and treated the thing as a joke, whatever it was, for I dreaded to hear. But Stagers was fate. Stagers was inevitable. "Won't do, doc not even money wouldn't get you off." "No?" said I, interrogatively, and as coolly as I could, contriving at the same time to move toward the window.

I rang the bell. "Mr. Gilray's chrysanthemum!" I cried. What do you think William John said? He coolly told me that the plant was dead, and had been flung out days ago. I went to the theatre that night to keep myself from thinking. All next day I contrived to remain out of Gilray's sight. When we met he was stiff and polite.

"Help yourself to the rest!" he invited caustically. "There isn't fifty thousand there, but you are quite welcome to all there is in return for those papers." The Adventurer was apparently obsessed with an inspection of his finger nails; he began to polish those of one hand with the palm of the other. "Quite so, Danglar!" he said coolly. "I admit it I am ashamed of myself.

I took some interest in that young man, and I offered him my help. He coolly declined it talked of succeeding by his own exertions. So priggish, you know, and I felt bound to let him see that the path to literary fame was not altogether the pleasant highway he seemed to expect." "That was all?" "Everything." "He wounded your vanity; you stoop to retaliate." She beamed upon him.

"We may be here for a month," said Peterson gloomily, looking at the Belle Helène, now rolling just a little, her keel fast full length in the mud-bar. "I don't think there's ever going to be any change of wind it'll blow steadily this way for a week, anyhow." "I presume, Peterson," said I coolly, "that you don't see the sun breaking through the clouds over there, at all.

I asked him, point-blank, one day, if these stories were true, prepared to scold him as he deserved; and he remarked coolly that stories of that sort were always exaggerated, as well as a man's success with women.

Shame confessed Andrew's naughtiness; he sniggered pitiably: whereas the Countess jumped up, and pointing at him, asked her sister what she thought of that. Her next sentence, coolly delivered, related to some millinery matter. If this was not innocence, what is?

Letitia turned pale, but her great-great-grandmother Letitia looked as usual. She approached the door, and spoke quite coolly. "Who may be without?" said she. She had taken a musket as she crossed the room, and stood with it levelled. Letitia also took a musket and levelled it, but it shook and it seemed as if her great-great-grandmother was in considerable danger.

He looked up suddenly and saw a man in a rough dark grey suit and wearing a thick black beard, standing close to a tree which had a great hollow on one side. "You!" he exclaimed, stepping back a pace and straightening himself as if wishing to keep away from something defiling. "Yes, me. So you are going to a high-class school, are you?" "Why should I not if I pay for it?" asked Jack, coolly.

Theriere was upon her, and then, quickly, he mastered himself, for he recalled his coolly thought-out plan based on what Divine had told him of that clause in the will of the girl's departed grandparent which stipulated that the man who shared the bequest with her must be the choice of both herself and her father.