Ralph reddened at his word, and the other looked at him steadily as he spoke, so that Ralph deemed that he mistrusted him: he deemed moreover that three or four of the others looked hard at him as they went towards the door, while Roger stood somewhat smiling, and humming a snatch of an old song.

The Frenchman permitted a sneer to steal across his face, while Frank looked at him steadily till his eyes dropped. At a glance, Merry saw that Bloodgood was "shakey." The fellow had been growing worse and worse as the voyage progressed, and now he seemed on the verge of a break-down.

Miss Langham drew in her breath and raised her head and shoulders quickly, like a deer that hears a footstep in the forest, and when Hope presently stepped out upon the porch, she turned quickly toward her, and regarded her steadily, as though she were a stranger to her, and as though she were trying to see her with the eyes of one who looked at her for the first time.

Bert's unerring rifle never failed of its mark, and whenever an Indian raised his head ever so little over his horse's back the Winchester spoke and one more still form was added to the many already strewed over the ground. The revolvers barked steadily and terrible havoc was wrought among the ranks of the attacking redmen.

This was rejected by the council, a fate which befell many subsequent bills of the same kind. For several years the House of Assembly continued to pass the Dissenters' Marriage Bill, and the council as steadily rejected it.

But to send another minister without more determinate assurances that he would be received would be an act of humiliation to which the United States ought not to submit. The United States will steadily observe the maxims by which they have hitherto been governed.

The orphan appeared there under the character she so steadily sustained, as Miss Christal Manners, the child of illustrious parents lost at sea; and so she vanished altogether from the atmosphere of Woodford Cottage. Olive Rothesay was now straining every nerve towards the completion of her first exhibited picture a momentous crisis in every young artist's life.

"Your name may be Little, but your face is Raby. All the better for you, sir." He then turned his back to the young man, and walked right in front of the picture, and looked at it steadily and sadly. It was a simple and natural action, yet somehow done in so imposing a way, that the bystanders held their breath, to see what would follow.

While steadily abstaining from any legal confirmation of the new faith, and claiming for her French followers freedom of Catholic worship, she denounced any attempt to meddle with the form of religion she found existing in the realm.

I talk English steadily with them, but everybody else, including a small French nurse lately imported, nothing but German.