Telemachus took a whole loaf from the bread-basket, with as much meat as he could hold in his two hands, and said to Eumaeus, "Take this to the stranger, and tell him to go the round of the suitors, and beg from them; a beggar must not be shamefaced."

It was a queer question, he thought, for any one to ask in the Square; but she was probably a stranger. "This is the Governor's house," he answered courteously. "I suppose you are a stranger in town." "I got here a few hours ago, and I came out for a breath of air. I was four days and nights on the way." To this he made no reply, and he was about to pass on again, when her voice arrested him.

She told herself that he was right, that these were not merely his own personal secrets, that as yet he would be unwise to trust a stranger further than he was forced to. And yet, unreasonably or not, she felt a little hurt. She had liked him from the beginning and from the beginning she felt that in a case such as his she would have trusted to intuition and have held back nothing.

"Where do you come from, eh?" "From the settlements," answered the stranger. "You've a ticklish, muddish kind of river to pass." "Aye," replied the other, who was fully aware of it. "And a blackish, thunderish, damned storm behind you, I say."

The reader therefore won't be surprised to hear that one morning I was told without any particular emotion by the padrone of the schooner that the "Rich man" down there was dead: He had died in the night. I don't remember ever being so moved by the desolate end of a complete stranger.

Well, perhaps. I've known stranger things to happen. No, it's not her father, but her brother, who's the Duke; awfully good-looking. I wish he could have come too. But you see Sally wouldn't you know what Sally is. No, she's never got over that old affair. Southern women are so romantic. Yes, I'll bring dear little Betty with me if it won't tire you. She "

Already had the stranger, while they were in the midst of their talk, heard at times a splash against the little low window, as if some one were dashing water against it.

Every man should endeavour, as far as he can, to depend upon his own exertions; however, you have still some time to think about the matter, and you will, I hope, succeed in whatever profession you follow," remarked the stranger. There was another inmate of the house who appeared to interest him even more than Edward.

"Ah, sir," said the stranger, sinking into a more natural and careless tone, "I have a better right than I imagine you can claim to repine or even to inveigh against the boundaries which are, day by day and hour by hour, encroaching upon what I have learned to look upon as my own territory.

"Then you could love a poor stranger enough to deny yourself some of your own pleasures for her sake; and you think it would make you happier to do so, do you?" "Oh, yes, I am sure we should be happier," said little Susie. "Well, my dear children, I cannot talk any longer now, but I want you to repeat this little verse after me until you can remember it: