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As has just been remarked above, among civilised peoples only those nations can be counted on consistently to keep the peace who are so feeble or otherwise so placed as to be cut off from hope of national gain.

He answered: 'I should like to hear these deputies speak. The Cardinal Marcello rejoined: 'Here we are. Michelangelo then remarked: 'My lord, above these three windows there will be other three in the vault, which is to be built of travertine. 'You never told us anything about this, said the Cardinal.

Errol remarked in her deep voice, that yet compassed the incomparable Yankee twang, that she guessed she wasn't afraid of any man that breathed, none of those who heard the bold assertion ventured to contradict her. Lucas Errol was entertaining a large house-party, and the great hall was full of guests, most of whom had just returned from the day's sport.

These wagons were already in motion, when the preacher came out followed by the old black woman, who it now appeared, had the key of the meeting-house door, which she locked. "Then you are the sexton, Aunty," remarked Odell, with a smile. "Yes, massa, I keeps de key." "Well, Nancy," said Odell, who had already made up his mind what he would do, "I am going home to dinner with you." "Me, massa!"

Scarcely had the King spoken when some of his soldiers came running with news that they had seen the Purple Dragon eating plum-pudding in the royal garden. "What did you do about it?" asked the monarch. "We did nothing," they answered; "for, had we interfered with its repast, the Dragon would probably have eaten us for dessert." "That is true," remarked the King.

The like "proper relations" govern writers, even where their audience is unknown to them. It has often been remarked how few are the story-tellers who can introduce themselves, so much as by a passing reflection or sentiment, without a discordant effect. The friend who saves the situation is found in one and another of the creatures of their art.

"Your Ingleton blood showing, of course," remarked Everard. "All your ancestors have lived at the Chase, and it would be queer if you hadn't some sort of a natural feeling for it. People mostly have for the place where their ancestors were born." "Indeed!

Some of them so far perjured themselves, that now a common lie to them is considered as good as the truth, if not a little better. It is said of Judge H.L. Burnet, that he remarked, had he known what witnesses the defence would have introduced, he would not have called any witnesses for the Government they would have been superfluous. Rather severe, and we will hope he did not say it.

He gathered up his manuscripts in grim silence and left the battlefield and the still laughing Virginie with an expression of deep anger on his wounded face. "The following day, when I teased him a little because of his defeat, he smiled a sly smile and remarked: "'Yes, but I won a franc from him, the big stupid animal. And so it was I, after all, who took Virginie out that evening.

I came on deck to try and get a glimpse of it, and was rewarded by a glorious sunrise. We had a nice eight-knot breeze and a strong current in our favour, and just before breakfast Tom descried from the masthead Amanu, or Möller Island, which we had hardly expected to make before ten or eleven o'clock. Some one remarked that it seemed almost as if it had come out to meet us.