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If, however, the Tractarian fiction-writers had confined themselves to allegory there would be no necessity to do more than glance at them, for allegory, on the obvious Biblical suggestion, has been a constant instrument of combined religious instruction and pastime. But they went much further afield. William Gresley and others wrote stories mostly for the young.

"God bless you!" He was going to make a dash at her again, but pulled himself up because he must. "No, by jings!" he said. "I'm not going to till you let me." "You see, it's true your head's not like mine," she said reasonably. "Men's heads are mostly not like women's. They're men, of course, and they're superior to women, but they're what I'd call more fluttery- like.

In contrast, the many women singers and dancers at the court, mostly slaves from southern China, introduced at the court southern Chinese forms of song and poem, which were soon adopted and elaborated by poets. Poems and dance songs were composed which belonged to the finest that Chinese poetry can show full of natural feeling, simple in language, moving in content.

An abundance of cattle, few sheep; the cattle mostly milch cows, or cows with calf, which, at that season of the year, was the best beef. When the army was in Charlotte we killed, upon an average, one hundred head per day. The leanness of the cattle will account for the number killed each day.

When nervous illness is met deeply enough and in the normal way, the result is that the nerves become stronger than ever before. Often the effect of nervous strain in women is constant talking. Talk talk talk, and mostly about themselves, their ailments, their worries, and the hindrances that are put in their way to prevent their getting well.

"It is quite probable," ended the notice, "that the episode will end in an explosion louder than the best shell the husband in the case ever turned out." Clayton did not believe the thing for a moment. He was infuriated, but mostly with the journal, and with the insulting inference of the prospectus.

But I must admit that they were mostly prigs, and that they were commercial. I said aloud, though more to myself than to Hammond, "Well, how could they be better than the age that made them?" "True," he said, "but their pretensions were higher." "Were they?" said I, smiling. "You drive me from corner to corner," said he, smiling in turn.

It suffers by reason of its position on an almost inaccessible branch line, and the complete absence of manufactories, but it has no appearance of poverty. The Diamond is a well-built square, and the whole town, mostly built of stone, some of the streets on terraces, many of them thickly planted with trees, has a shady and sylvan look.

In like manner, a pause may often serve a very good purpose in preparing the ear of the listener for an effect that should be telling, yet a difficult one for a person of limited physical powers. In reality, all the best art recognizes, mostly unconsciously, the peculiarities of our physical and mental nature.

It is in the oases, mostly situated in the valleys, where the fever is generated. The Demon Temple still in view, with all its mysterious hideousness, crowned with its grisly towers. It now stands out in all its defiant isolation; the sand hills which broke upon its view, running north and south, are now seen far beyond.