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At this moment the Prince perceived, a short distance behind Mahbracca, a small, black, and shining demon, whom he immediately recognized as the little fellow he had seen in pickle. The young rascal was pulling and tugging at a great wire machine that had been dropped by the followers of Mahbracca when they ran away.

"Ay, niece, they weep because they are the prey of the demon." "Or rather," interposed the same manly voice that spoke before, "because they repent of having mocked Heaven." A deep silence now pervaded the multitude; not a word was heard, not a movement, hardly a breath.

His mother, who, however, laughed too, would say the next minute, "Come, baby, come, my little angel, you will get cold... But leave off... Will you have done, you little demon?" She wanted to scold, but she could not be serious at the sight of his fair-haired head, and flushed, smiling, happy face, thrown back on my knee. She would look at me, and say: "He is unbearable.

"U-u-mm!" replied Grandma, measuring Bean's stature with narrowed eye. "U-u-mm!" "You show her!" commanded flapper, in a louder voice, as if she believed him deaf. She grasped his arm and whirled him about to stand with his back to hers. "There!" said the flapper tensely, her eyes staring ahead. "There!" "You're scrooching!" accused the Demon. "Not a bit! and see how square his shoulders are!"

The champion put up a prayer of gratitude for having been supplied with food and wine, and music, in the desert of Mázinderán, and not knowing that the enchantress was a demon in disguise, he placed in her hands a cup of wine in the name of God; but at the mention of the Creator, the enchanted form was converted into a black fiend.

Robespierre, who had associated with the Girondists with rather a sullen and Ishmaelitish spirit, holding himself in readiness to go here or there, as events might indicate to be politic, began now to incline toward the more popular party, of which he subsequently became the inspiring demon. Though he was daily attracting more attention, he had not yet risen to popularity.

It's all my fault I don't deny that but you'll find you've got your work cut out for you if you try to take that young man anywhere. The Lamb always was spoilt, but now he's grown up he's a demon simply. I can see it. Look at his mouth." "Well then," said Robert, "let's wake him up and see what he'll do. Perhaps he'll take us to Maidstone and stand treat.

I even heard Brennan laugh, as he pierced a huge ruffian through the shoulder and hurled him backward; but at that moment I saw Craig knock aside a levelled gun and press his way to the front of the seething mass to assume control. His face was inflamed, his eyes bloodshot; drink had changed him into a very demon. "Damn ye, Red told you not to fire!" he yelled. "Come on, you dogs!

But the problem whose solution has thus been attempted by desperate suggestions has, by changing its elements, nullified our calculation. We have been plotting to cast out the demon of books; and, lo! three other kindred demons of quarterlies, monthlies, and newspapers have joined fellowship with it, and our latter estate is worse than our first.

The poor creature, caught in the net, wept on the breast of that great Mother of the poor and the afflicted, she went for comfort to the Church; her piety redoubled, she confided the assaults of the demon to her confessor; she prayed to heaven for succor. Never, at any period of her life, did she fulfil her religious duties with such fervor.