"At the risk of horrifying you, my dear," he added, with a slight laugh, "I will confide to you that my best chance of a popular success would be to have my book denounced by the press." "Denounced?" gasped Mrs. Fetherel. "On what ground?" "On the ground of immorality." The Bishop evaded her startled gaze.

This being so, the period of time from the first settlement of the Territory till it reaches the point of forming a State Constitution is not the thing that the Judge is fighting for; but, on the contrary, he is fighting for the thing that annihilates and crushes out that same popular sovereignty. * He is contending for the right of the people, when they come to make a State Constitution, to make it for themselves and precisely as best suits themselves.

How was he to get that location? He thought swiftly, and conceived a possibility. "Your bar here serve Cola?" "What is that?" "A soft drink very popular on Terra and many other planets. I'd like to take a case with me, if it's allowed." "I see no reason against it. I never heard of it, but you might ask the bargirls." "I can get it at the Golden Web if you don't have it here.

In such circumstances "the flannelled fool at the wicket and the muddied oaf at the goal" might be trusted to hug his island security and stick to his idle sports; and the most windy and patriotic of popular British weeklies was at the end of July placarding the streets of London with the imprecation "To hell with Servia."

Bernard, who, although ill, preached at Albi and elsewhere with an effect which was much enhanced by the miracles which in popular belief accompanied his efforts. Henry declined a debate to which Bernard challenged him, and so became discredited, and shortly after he fell into the hands of his enemies.

Then the occupants of the open vehicles and the equestrians gathered about the Eden Gardens, where the music-stand is placed, and in ranks eight or ten lines deep, listened to the popular airs so finely rendered, or chatted gayly with each other during the intervals of the music.

Few pews, moreover, so regularly filled as his. When a subscription is got up, it is a positive pleasure to him to subscribe; ten times more to be allowed to come upon the committee, and join other two in going about with a paper. The effect of all this is, that the imperfect respectable is often a highly popular character. Everybody likes him, and wishes him at the devil.

Like a sagacious man, D'Argenson saw the madness of popular anger devoid of all foundation, and which could not hinder M. d'Orleans from being a very considerable person in France, during a minority that the age of the King showed to be pretty near.

"I'm afraid your Aunt Fanny's heart was stirred by ancient recollections, Georgie." "You mean she used to be silly about him?" "She wasn't considered singular," said the uncle "He was he was popular. Could you bear a question?" "What do you mean: could I bear " "I only wanted to ask: Do you take this same passionate interest in the parents of every girl you dance with?

The tracks are level, with start and finish directly in front of the grand stand, and are either one mile or one-half mile in length. They are always of earth, and are usually elliptical in shape, though the "kite-shaped track" was for a time popular on account of its increased speed.