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It may, however, be said in general that he was particularly engaged with the study of the effects produced on the movements of the planets by their mutual attractions.

Beyond civilization we will conserve, share, beautify and, if possible, improve the earth, which is our physical base of operations. The earth is an irregular sphere, one of a number of planets circling the sun, from which we get light, heat and radiation. The earth has a shell or crust made of various minerals. Two-thirds of its surface is water of various depths up to six miles.

"Neither your rocket-ships nor your projections could get you any Rovolon?" "No. Every hundred years or so someone develops a new type of rocket that he thinks may stand a slight chance of making the journey, but not one of these venturesome youths has as yet returned. Either that sun has no planets or else the rocket-ships have failed.

The strength or weakness of the will, which the mind is conscious of, in itself, by a natural necessity creates a distinction between the elevation or the degradation of self. That is its heaven-this is its hell. There is an infinite progress of spirit towards perfection in the Infinite, as the solar systems with their planets wheel through the realm of the immeasurable. All eternal activity!

We had to find a way to smash the picture they've been painting of themselves back on Earth as a big, benevolent organization interested only in the best for Earth colonists on the planets.

The Red Indians, as Schoolcraft says, 'hold many of the planets to be transformed adventurers. The Iowas 'believed stars to be a sort of living creatures. One of them came down and talked to a hunter, and showed him where to find game. The Gallinomeros of Central California, according to Mr.

I told her how the sky is a liquid mass pressing round the earth and resting on the elastic pillars of the air, and how above is the heavenly ocean Nout, in which the planets float like ships as they rush upon their radiant way.

"An underwater dome city wouldn't be any harder to build than a dome city on a poison-atmosphere planet like Tubal-Cain." "It might even be on Tubal-Cain," a melon-planter said. "Or Hiawatha, or even one of the Beta or Gamma planets. The Third Force was occupying the whole Trisystem, you know." He thought for a moment. "If I'd been in charge, I'd have put it on one of the moons of Pantagruel."

In his own words, "The proportion existing between the periodic times of any two planets is exactly the sesquiplicate proportion of the mean distances of the orbits," or as generally given, "the squares of the periodic times are proportional to the cubes of the mean distances."

In this way he found that the weight of the same body would be twenty-three times greater at the surface of the sun than at the surface of the earth, and that the density of the earth was four times greater than that of the sun, the planets increasing in density as they receded from the centre of the system.

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