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I found Lake Torrens completely girded by a steep sandy ridge, exactly like the sandy ridges bounding the sea shore, no rocks or stones were visible any where, but many saline coasts peeped out in the outer ridge, and upon descending westerly to its basin, I found the dry bed of the lake coated completely over with a crust of salt, forming one unbroken sheet of pure white, and glittering brilliantly in the sun.

Had the cataclysm which separated the fortunate British islands from the mainland happened to occur, instead, at a neighbouring point of the earth's crust; had the Belgian, Dutch, German and Danish Netherland floated off as one island into the sea, while that famous channel between two great rival nations remained dry land, there would have been a different history of the world.

The snow was melting, and the crust frozen over the streams below was so thin in places that the animals broke through and sank to their bellies. It were needless to state the number and character of the anathemas bestowed upon the guide.

In case the dough sticks to the toothpick, the baking is not completed and will have to be continued. Since this is a test that is frequently used, a supply of toothpicks, preferably round ones, should be kept in a handy place near the stove. Another fairly accurate means of testing baked mixtures that do not form a very hard crust consists in making a dent in the center with the finger.

"Hark, here, Bébée: my sister, who is a lone woman, as you know well, shall come and bide with you, and ask you nothing nothing at all only you shall just give her a crust, perhaps, and a few flowers to sell sometimes." "No, no," said the fourth; "that will not do.

Would you know how thin this crust actually is; how fissured and honey-combed from beneath, until it can scarce sustain its own weight, and the sulphur fumes ever rise through it like steam through a sieve, inspect the city government and note how and what constitutes the controlling power.

The wild racing of the giant drill betokened that it was running loose in AIR and then another truth flashed upon me. The point of the prospector was ABOVE us. Slowly it dawned on me that since passing through the ice strata it had been above. We had turned in the ice and sped upward toward the earth's crust. Thank God! We were safe!

The men nudged one another, and nodded emphatically. "They are all three taken from the crust of the earth; this Earth is to them the earth-mother. Now mark again what I say: this fact of their common earth-mother puts them in the Brotherhood of Kin." He took up three specimens of quartz crystals.

But hast thou truly nought but a dry crust about thee? Methinks thy bags and pouches are fat and lusty for such thin fare." "Why, mayhap there is some other cold fare therein," said the Beggar slyly. "And hast thou nought to drink but cold water?" said Robin. "Never so much as a drop," quoth the Beggar.

It is therefore believed by many geologists that it is PRESSURE DUE TO CRUSTAL MOVEMENTS AND INTERNAL STRESSES which squeezes molten rock from below into fissures and ducts in the crust.

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